10+ Best and Free SEO Tools for 2023

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is website optimization to get top rankings in search results. To get optimal SEO performance, you need the help of SEO Tools.

SEO Tools can make it easier for you to make decisions regarding SEO. For example, viewing traffic performance, measuring backlink quality, monitoring link building , and much more. 

In this article, we have collected the 11 best SEO tools that can help optimize your website. Come on, see more.

10+ Best and Free SEO Tools for 2023

Table of contents 

  • 10+ Best SEO Tools for 2023
  • 1.1 1. Google Keyword Planner
  • 1.2 2. Google Trends
  • 1.3 3. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
  • 1.4 4. Yoast SEO
  • 1.5 5. Google Search Console
  • 1.6 6. Google Analytics
  • 1.7 7. Ubersuggest
  • 1.8 8. SEMrush
  • 1.9 9. Ahrefs
  • 1.10 10. Moz
  • 1.11 11. SEOquake
  • Which SEO Tool is Your Mainstay?

10+ Best SEO Tools for 2023

Like a calculator, an SEO tool can help you calculate the SEO strategy that will be executed. 

Well, the SEO strategy itself can be in the form of content quality optimization ( On Page SEO ) or link building optimization ( Off Page SEO ). 

For this reason, the SEO tool that you choose must have several criteria , for example:

  • On-page and off-page SEO support
  • Display and navigation are user-friendly
  • The analysis or data is complete
  • Can be used free of charge or free
  • Offers a free trial of premium features

Here are the 11 best and free SEO tools in 2023 that you can try!

1. Google Keyword Planner

This tool made by Google is known to be quite effective in helping on-page SEO optimization, in the sense of improving the quality of the content created. At the same time, as a way to increase blog traffic .

With Google Keyword Planner you can:

  • Find new keywords
  • Conduct keyword research used on the website
Keyword Ideas, one of the Google Keyword Planner SEO features

You can do all of that using two main features, namely Discover New Keywords and Get Search Volume and Forecast . 

With these two features, you can enter certain keywords and domains to see some important information, such as:

  • Relevant keywords
  • Average search volume
  • The level of competition for each keyword
seo forecast feature google keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner resides within the Google Ads service. So, it can also be used to do keyword research for ad or advertising needs. 

Want to know more about this tool? Find it in How to Use Google Keyword Planner [Complete] .


Suitable for those of you who want to do keyword research effectively and also plan to use advertising. 

seo tool google trends

Want to know what's trending right now? Or you wonder how popular your target keyword is?

Google Trends can be one of the SEO tools to help in on- page SEO practices . On this free Google-owned platform, you can:

  • Search for keywords that are currently popular
  • Adding new keyword references
  • Compare historical keyword performance
  • Find out potential locations for certain keywords

Google Trend doesn't just return results on web searches. But also results from Google Images, Google News, Google Shopping, and YouTube.

With information from this tool, you can adjust your content creation strategy according to trends in user needs.

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Suitable for those of you who want to create the best content according to the hottest trends.

3. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

seo tool to check the speed of google pagespeed insight

Research from Google shows that 53% of internet users in Indonesia leave websites that load more than 3 seconds! If left unchecked, the value of the bounce rate on your website will increase. 

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Since website speed is so important, using an SEO tool like Google Pagespeed Insights can help maintain your SEO performance.

This SEO Tool provides analysis regarding website speed both on desktop and mobile displays. The assessment in the form of a score is calculated from several criteria, such as:

  • First Contentful Paint – How long the text or image appears on the browser page
  • Time to Interactive – The length of time the page is ready to use
  • Speed ​​Index – How quickly the page completes
  • Total Blocking Time – Time between FCP and interactive time
  • Largest Contentful Paint – Time when the largest content (text or image) starts to appear on the browser page
  • Cumulative Layout Shift – Detect the movement of visible elements on the site

Even so, Google PageSpeed ​​Insight will still provide suggestions for improvements so that website speed is more optimal.

Even though Google Pagespeed Insight is qualified to check website speed, there are still several other alternative tools that you can try, you know. Everything is summarized in → Check Your Website Speed ​​with These 10 Free Tools!


Suitable for those of you who want to make sure your website is SEO Friendly in terms of speed.

4. Yoast SEO

yoast seo tool to analyze seo on page

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular  WordPress SEO plugins .

Unlike other tools that must be accessed via a website or web app, Yoast SEO can be installed on WordPress and will automatically analyze whether the content has implemented SEO correctly. 

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Yoast SEO has several features, such as focus keywords , meta descriptions , meta titles, readability, slugs, and others. With these features, Yoast SEO is very appropriate to use to ensure content is in accordance with SEO rules in real time.

Apart from that, Yoast SEO can also help you from a technical point of view. For example, by providing interlink recommendations for the article, error page notifications, automatic canonical links, and How To schemes so that the content is more structured.

Don't worry, the way to configure and use it is very easy, really. You can follow the complete guide in → How to Setting the Latest Yoast SEO .


Yoast SEO is suitable for you to install on WordPress as an optimization help from On Page SEO and technical.

5. Google Search Console

seo tool google search console to monitor website performance

Google Search Console is a free tool that can identify website performance in the organic realm . 

There is no need to doubt the accuracy of this Google SEO tool. The reason is, the research results that are displayed certainly come from Google's database.

This tool, which was previously named Google Webmaster Tool, has the following capabilities:

  • Know referring domains
  • Check website performance on mobile devices
  • Analyze website traffic
  • Looking for new keyword ideas
  • Identify the most popular pages on your website
  • Check website compatibility on mobile devices
  • See backlinks to your website
  • Checking for broken links
  • Identifying website security problems
  • Setting up the website sitemap

When checking websites with Google Search Console, you will get information in the form of statistics on the progress of total clicks, impressions, average CTR, to the average position of the website, like the following example:

google search console performance report

The data displayed by Google Search Console is quite complete. However, reading the data can be a challenge for beginners because there are many technical terms to understand. 

For that, you can follow the Google Search Console Complete Guide when you have integrated this tool into your website.


Suitable for those of you who want practical solutions for On Page SEO and Off Page SEO optimization at no cost.

6. Google Analytics

seo tool google analytics

Since most of the online searches use Google, ranking first on Google is important. For this reason, utilizing SEO tools such as Google Analytics is highly recommended.

Why is that? Google Analytics has the ability to monitor website performance developments. Even the tools that have users up to 28.8 million users are able to extract complete data in the form of:

  • Realtime – Website data analysis that is always updated
  • Visitor demographics – Information about active users, number of impressions, total new users, bounce rate, and more
  • Visitor behavior – Details of visit frequency, engagement (session duration and number of pages opened in one session), possible conversions, and more
  • Number of traffic – Information about traffic trends, referral links to your website, and traffic sources in general
  • Traffic sources – Traffic data that comes from organic, direct, referral, or social media
  • Website speed – The order of popular pages and their loading times, along with suggestions for speeding up page loading

By having this data, you will know what strategy to do to beat competitors. 

example of google analytics report results

Then, how to use it? Relax, you can install Google Analytics on your WordPress website. 


This SEO tool is mandatory for those of you who want to monitor visitor activity patterns and how long they are on website pages.

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7. Ubersuggests

ubersuggest seo tool for on page and off page seo

Ubersuggest from neilpatel.com is a versatile SEO tool that can help optimize On Page and Off Page. This tool is equipped with three main features, namely:

  • Keyword Analyzer – Analyzes keyword strength, provides relevant keywords, displays keyword performance reports, and more
  • Competitive Analysis – Comparing the SEO data of several competitors at once
  • SEO Explorer – Analyzes on-page SEO, provides backlink information, summarizes SEO-related information

As an SEO tool, Ubersuggest has the following advantages:

  • There is a detailed keyword research feature , including keyword ideas, content ideas, and keyword lists
  • There are general keyword data reports, such as historical search volume, SEO difficulty level, CPC, and paid difficulty
  • Can see the level of competition with the special feature Similar Website
  • Provide traffic details , both based on keywords and popular pages
  • Complete information about website search in the organic realm , such as the website's overall SEO score, traffic per month, and the winning keywords
  • Can identify website deficiencies, for example errors , website speed , and suggestions for improving them
  • Report details of backlinks pointing to your website
  • Analyzing the backlink opportunities that can be obtained, can see comparisons with competitor domains

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How about trying Ubersuggest? If so, there is a 7 day free trial. If they match, you can continue with a paid account from USD 12 to USD 40 .


Not only for SEO, Ubersuggest is also effective enough to support advertising strategies with complete information about ads, paid search, and competitor analysis.

8. SEMrush

seo tool semrush

SEMrush is known as one of the best SEO tools that can answer broader needs such as online marketing. 

With SEMrush, you can improve your On Page and Off Page SEO efforts using the following features:

  • Competitive research – Domain performance summary, traffic analysis, organic search, comparing keywords and backlinks with competitors
  • Keyword Research – Tracks SERP position , summarizes relevant keywords, organic traffic suggestions for sites, and more
  • Link Building – Analysis, auditing and backlink building tools.
  • On Page & Technical SEO – Site audit , checking On Page SEO performance
  • Rank Tracking – Provides top ranking domain results in the SERP

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SEMRush analysis data is quite complete but can be displayed in concise tables and concise and concise information. 

In addition, the navigation of this SEO tool is very intuitive and structured. So, it is suitable for use by beginners to advanced users

The free version of SEMrush is enough for you to get the main information. However some more specific information is still under lock and key.

If you need full features, you can try the 30-day free trial offered. If you feel that SEMrush can help optimize your SEO process, then a paid subscription is the solution. 

The premium version of this SEO tool is offered starting from USD 119.95 to USD 449 per month. 


SEMrush is suitable for those of you who want to optimize SEO, both on page and off page.

9. Ahrefs

complete seo tool ahrefs

A versatile SEO tool that you should also try is Ahrefs. Overall, this tool built in 2011 has five main features for SEO optimization, namely:

  • Site Audit – Optimizing SEO On Page PerformanceConclusion:
  • Site Explorer – Analyzes competitors, displays organic traffic data and backlink profiles
  • Keyword Explorer – Displays thousands of keywords, complete with analysis of difficulty level, potential, search volume, and more
  • Content Explorer – Find trending content and analyze how your content is performing
  • Rank Tracker – Monitors rankings in search engines over time and provides graphs of competition with competitors

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Besides providing complete data and superior features, Ahrefs is very comfortable to use because of its intuitive user interface. 

the how to use ahrefs feature or a guide to using the seo tool

Ahrefs is also equipped with How To Use information or a complete guide on each tool. So, anyone can use this SEO tool, both beginners and professionals.

Some of Ahrefs' features can be unlocked for free, but they are very limited. For complete access, there is a 7-day free trial for only USD 7. 

Premium for me, Ahrefs is relatively more expensive than other SEO tools, which is USD 99 to USD 999 . 

Even so, this price is paid in proportion to the quality that Ahrefs provides. Such as providing complete and accurate data, having user-friendly navigation, to providing site audit research results.


Ahrefs SEO tool is suitable for website audits and analyzing competitors and getting new keywords.

10. Moz

Moz seo tool for on page seo

In the next sequence, there is Moz. One of the SEO tools with complete optimization features that has been trusted by big world brands, such as trivago and 99designs.

Moz has two features that can be used for free, namely Keyword Explorer and Link Explorer . However, to be able to access it, make sure you already have an account. The list is easy, really. 

If you want to focus on On Page SEO optimization efforts , use Keyword Explored with features such as:

  • top pages
  • Top anchor text
  • Keyword rankings
  • Relevant keyword suggestions
  • Spam score

As for Off Page optimization efforts , you can take advantage of Link Explorer which will provide information in the form of:

  • Domain authority
  • Domain links
  • Inbound links
  • Dofollow and nofollow backlinks
  • SERP analysis
  • Comparison of profile links

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Moz supports its superior features with resources with a total of up to 7 trillion links and routinely indexes links live. With very massive data sources, this SEO tool can display detailed analysis. 

In addition, there are several features that are only intended for users of the paid version. For example, On-Page Optimization which can provide page optimization suggestions, or Rank Tracking to measure the SEO of your site and that of your competitors.

You can try the Moz Pro experience for 30 days for free. Furthermore, you can proceed to subscription access starting from USD 99 to USD 599 per month.


The recommended SEO tools for complete SEO optimization with an intuitive display.

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11. SEOquake

seo tool extension seoquake

If all the previous SEO tools were in the form of websites that required login and even paid, in SEOquake you only need to install an extension to your browser. 

Every time you do a Google search, SEOquake will automatically display SEO parameters. 

Uniquely, information can be displayed in various versions, for example a bar on top of the website, dashboard pop ups, to overlays on the Google search page.

As an SEO tool, SEOquake does not have its own database. Instead, it summarizes general data regarding on-page SEO and off-page SEO performance from other tools. 

SEOquake will display data in the form of a collection of URL rankings in the Google index, Bing index, Alexa rank, SEMrush rank, and others. So, you can see SEO performance briefly without logging in to the SEO tool first.

Interestingly, this SEO tool dashboard is also integrated with the analysis page. To do this, you only need to click on one of the tabs in the extension dashboard.

After that, you will be taken to the SEOquake page which contains several stunning features, such as SEO audits, internal links, external links, keyword density, to compare your site with competitors.

Wow, it's interesting to be able to experience SEO research easily right from your browser! All of its features can be used for free, you know. Worth it to shorten SEO optimization time.


Suitable for those of you who want SEO tools that are integrated with the browser to make it easier to see the performance of each website and the potential of keywords.

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Which SEO Tool is Your Mainstay?

So, which is your SEO tool of choice? If you are still unsure about making a choice, let's review the advantages and disadvantages of each of the SEO tools above. 

SEO ToolsExcessLackPrice
Google Keyword Planner– Focus on keyword research.
– Support keyword research for advertising needs.
- Easy to use.
– Simple features.
Better suited for business keyword research (SEM).Free.
Google Trends– No need to create an account or login.
– Can compare several keywords at once.
– Clean view with brief statistics.
– Have specific keyword data from Google Search, Google Image, Google News, Google Shopping, and YouTube.
– Only focus on keyword research (On Page SEO).
– Features are not very complete.
Google Pagespeed Insights– Specializes in checking website speed.
- Provide a brief website loading report.
– Identify problems and suggestions that must be done by the user.
– No need to login. Measure website speed in desktop and mobile versions.
Need to input the domain name manually, can't get the analysis to the website automatically.Free.
Yoast SEO– Plugins that can be installed on WordPress.
– Analyze the suitability of keywords with content automatically.
– Focus on On Page SEO optimization (keywords, meta descriptions, URLs, etc.).
– Identifying issues with SEO analysis and readability.
The schema provided is not too much.– Limited free version.
– Pro: USD 89 per site.
GoogleSearchConsole– Features support SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.
– Performance statistics are concisely packaged.
– Diverse features with intuitive navigation.
– Focus on identifying website performance in the organic realm.
Many special terms, need adjustments for beginners.Free.
Google Analytics– Can be integrated with the website.
– Has more complete features than other Google tools.
– Can help practice SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.
– Displays complete and detailed website SEO performance data, but still concise.
Professional data display with dense information, it takes time for beginners to learn the tool.Free.
Ubersuggest– Has several features that support SEO On Page and Off Page.
– Can compare with competitor domains.
– Has a database that comes from Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest.
 – Limited free version.
– Free trial: 7 days. Pro: USD 12 – USD 40.
SEMrush– Has features that support SEO On Page and Off Page.
– Provide complete SEO performance data.
– Structured and intuitive navigation. Perfect for SEO and SEM.
The premium version is considered too expensive.– Limited free version.
– Pros: USD 199.95 – USD 449
Ahrefs– Provides a variety of features that cover SEO On Page and Off Page.
– Intuitive tool display.
– There is a short guide on each feature.
– Suitable for both beginners and professionals. 
The features unlocked in the free version are very limited.– Limited free version.
– Free trial: USD 7 per 7 days.
– Pros: USD 99 – USD 999
Moz– Complete features include On Page and Off Page SEO.
– Always update index links.
– Data packaged in easy-to-read statistics.
– There is a free trial for 30 days.
– Only unlocked two features for the free version.
– The appearance is not as attractive as other tools.
– Limited free version.
– Free trial: 30 days.
– Pros: USD 99 – USD 599.
SEOquake– In the form of an extension that can be installed in the browser.
– Presentation of data in various views (bars, dashboards, and overlays).
– Automatically displays data when opening a website.
– No need to create an account or login.
The data summary provided comes from another SEO tool.Free.

SEO tools are indeed quite effective for carrying out your SEO strategy. However, expertise is certainly needed so that the SEO efforts that you build are more optimal.

Each SEO tool has its own advantages, so you don't need to hesitate to collaborate with more than one SEO tool. 

Hopefully the eleven SEO tools above can help you get Google's top ranking.

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