30+ Architects WordPress Themes for Architectural Project

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Starting immoderate benignant of business online isn’t easy, and architecture business is nary exception. Nowadays, a operation of master and innovative attack erstwhile doing business is weighted and implemented by many, and this is particularly existent of architecture business. For this reason, galore group for illustration to choose a WordPress theme that is some well-organized and imaginative while successful a quest for their ideal WordPress taxable for architects.

30+ Architects WordPress Themes for Architectural Project

Similarly, galore want their creatively-driven architecture website to beryllium unsocial successful immoderate way. Since your website represents your business, nan much unsocial your website looks, nan much chance location is to guidelines retired from your competitors aft all.

Looking done immoderate of nan champion WordPress themes for architects that we’ve cautiously selected for you will surely thief you retired successful your business endeavors. As a bonus, they mightiness moreover get your imaginative streak going!

1. Qi Theme for Elementor

Qi taxable premium architecture demo

Download / More Info Demo

Qi theme is simply a premium, feature-rich WordPress taxable packed pinch 50 customizable demos. Besides galore layout choices, Qi includes a layout tailor-made for Architecture Studios. This demo action offers a clean, minimalistic design, modern fonts, and elegant info sections. In different words, you tin present your team, stock nan specifications astir your prices, moving hours, aliases workplace location. As this taxable integrates pinch nan Elementor page builder, you tin easy style your web pages pinch complete ease.

Features that make Qi Theme nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • 150 demo options
  • Premium banal images included
  • Architecture workplace demo

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

2. Qi Templates for Gutenberg

Qi Templates For Gutenberg

Download / More Info Demo

If you for illustration moving pinch Gutenberg, i.e. consecutive retired of halfway WordPress, you perfectly person to cheque retired Qi Templates. This postulation consists of ready-made creation elements, from full-fledged tract demos and page templates to patterns for individual sections and moreover style-free wireframes. Architects tin opt for nan Architecture Studio demo, aliases operation and lucifer various showcase elements to coming their work, arsenic nan postulation includes immoderate stunning elements for showcasing your work. Thanks to Qi Blocks for Gutenberg, nan postulation besides includes each nan functional elements you could need, from timelines and squad showcase to business hours, portfolios and overmuch more.

Features that make Qi Templates for Gutenberg nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • Works pinch immoderate Gutenberg theme
  • Advanced artifact options
  • Superb design
  • Stunning galleries and carousels

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3. Brøk – Architecture Theme

Brok WP Theme

Download / More Info Demo

The Brøk WordPress theme features a minimalistic creation pinch tons of modern specifications and soft animations that springiness it a very modern feel. It includes 9 different predesigned homepages you tin take from, and successful lawsuit you peculiarly for illustration a circumstantial demo, you tin person your website looking conscionable nan aforesaid successful nary clip arsenic nan taxable supports a one-click demo import functionality.

Thanks to nan compatibility pinch nan Elementor page builder, nan taxable is besides very easy to customize sloppy of whether you person immoderate coding knowledge. Lots of beautiful portfolio layouts and fullscreen presentations will thief you coming your task successful nan champion light.

The theme is besides SEO optimized which is important for mounting a guidelines for a bully ranking connected Google. It is besides responsive and retina fresh which intends your website will look conscionable arsenic bully sloppy of nan device.

Features that make Brøk a awesome WordPress theme:

  • Elementor Page Builder plugin compatible
  • Large postulation of civilization shortcodes
  • Social Share functionality
  • Integrated Search
  • Content Entry Animations

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4. Remake WordPress Theme

Remake WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Remake is simply a taxable that was created utilizing nan portfolios from nan imaginative industries arsenic guides to nan features and designs a taxable for imaginative businesses should have. That’s why Remake is simply a theme that tin easy beryllium of usage for designers, illustrators, and architects.

The taxable comes packaged pinch nan plugins that are perfectly ubiquitous erstwhile leveling up immoderate benignant of business aliases endeavor, specified arsenic WooCommerce and Mailchimp. Remake besides makes it easy to show projects and moreover tally a blog.

Features that make Remake nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • Project showcases
  • 10+ premade skins
  • Visual building pinch Elementor

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5. Stockholm – A Genuinely Multi-Concept Theme

Stockholm Architects WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

The Stockholm WP theme impresses pinch modern and elegant design. It includes 2 niche-specific designer homepage layouts that will fulfill nan sensation of nan existent perfectionist, arsenic each item is meticulously designed and well-thought. The stunning postulation of portfolio styles will let you to showcase your activity successful a genuinely authentic manner, while galore applicable functionalities for illustration civilization shortcodes make it a batch easier and faster to group up a captivating website. Plus, the taxable is SEO optimized truthful you cab judge you person a coagulated guidelines for achieving a bully ranking connected Google.

Features that make Stockholm nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • AJAX Page Transitions – take betwixt 4 different animations
  • 50+ Custom shortcodes
  • WPBakery Page Builder included for free
  • Multiple civilization sidebars
  • Demo contented import pinch one-click

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6. Kastell – Theme for Single properties and Apartments


Download / More Info Demo

Kastell is simply a stunning, modern spot WordPress taxable for architecture business, building creation and building companies. Set up pinch eye-catching and afloat customizable homepage layouts, Kastell will perfectly showcase each spot successful conscionable nan correct way, whether it’s a business building, a house, a existent estate, aliases thing other you whitethorn want to coming connected your website. Packed pinch 6 homepage examples and including a big postulation of civilization shortcodes, it has each nan devices you will request successful bid to visually impressment your customers. In addition, Slider Revolution Responsive Plugin and astonishing WPBakery Page Builder are besides bundled for free.

In short, if you determine to trial Kastell out, you will surely find a cleanable inspiration for starting your caller architecture business!

Features that make Kastel nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • 6 Homepage Examples
  • Property Shortcodes
  • 7 Amazing Font Icon Sets
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Highly Customizable Title Area

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

Astra Architecture Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Are you looking for a modern, modern taxable for your architecture studio? Have a look astatine Astra. This astonishing free taxable comes packed pinch tons of layouts you tin easy accommodate to your circumstantial needs. As it offers extended customization options, you tin take immoderate layout and alteration it arsenic per your requirements. Set colors, fonts, header type and easy alteration elements pinch Elementor page builder. Packed pinch Astra is simply a modern Architecture Firm demo that allows you to present your team, projects, and services for illustration a pro.

Features that make Astra nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • Architecture Firm demo
  • Easy customization
  • Elementor page builder

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8. Monstroid 2 – An Extraordinary WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Monstroid 2 is simply a multipurpose and modern WordPress theme for immoderate of your goals. At your service, location are more than 50+ pre-designed templates. You tin find skins specified arsenic IT technologies, photographer galleries, fashion stores and plenty of others. Test retired multiple animation effects that are oriented connected creating nan dynamism of nan pages. Choose nan astir suitable blog layout, it tin thrust you crazy because of its variety of pre-built blog posts. Explore a fully responsive design and search motor optimization, that will propel your website into nan apical results successful Google.

Make sure, you get nan basal template among nan awesome assortment of disposable designs. Monstroid 2 has a batch to show and will boost your website successful a short clip astatine ease.

 Features that make Monstroid 2 nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • 500+ pre-designed sections
  • Revolution slider connected board
  • WooCommerce package
  • 10+ homepages
  • Super accelerated and light-weight

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9. Assemble – A Contemporary Portfolio Theme


Download / More Info Demo

If powerfulness and professionalism is thing that fuels your creativity, past this responsive taxable could beryllium nan champion prime for you. For instance, Assemble contains a stunning postulation of 18 homepages and beautifully packed elements cautiously crafted for your use. Browse done pre-made portfolio database types and tailor your website to your desired preference. In nan aforesaid way, elastic shortcodes let you afloat customization and fto you show your projects conscionable for illustration really you envisioned. Finally, this taxable is besides good documented – Assemble archiving has a step-by-step guideline connected really to customize your website. As a result, it will make your tract building process is easier and quicker.

 Features that make Assemble nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • Multiple Customizable Layouts for Portfolio Lists
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Easy-to-Use Powerful Admin Interface
  • Styling Options for Elements
  • WPBakery Page Builder Plugin for WordPress Included (34$ value)
  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin Included ($19 value)

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

10. Die Finnhütte – Modern Architecture and Interior Design Theme

Die Finnhutte WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

With a agleam inheritance and sleek design, Die Finnhütte is simply a awesome prime for architects and interior designers pinch a penchant for modern style.

This architecture WordPress taxable boasts 11 homepages and much than 25 portfolio templates. For an elegant, awe-inducing atmosphere, effort a full-width four-column showcase pinch discreet hover effects to invited your website visitors. Each image will lead them to a azygous task position pinch elaborate explanation and image galleries.

With Die Finnhütte, you besides person a choice betwixt acheronian and ray skin.

Features that make Die Finnhütte nan champion architecture WordPress theme::

  • Four Customizable Header Types
  • Customizable Mega Menu
  • Font Awesome, Font Elegant, Ion Icons, Linea Icons, Linear Icons, Simple Line
  • Icons, and Dripicons Icon Packs
  • WPML Plugin Compatibility
  • Child Theme Included

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

11. Dør – Modern Architecture and Interior Design Theme

Dor Finnhutte WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

If you want to adhd immoderate move to your website, nan fluid visuals of nan Dør WordPress theme will easy thief your champion useful travel to life.

With 12 homepages to take from, you tin fto your imaginative tone soar pinch dozens of portfolio layouts and absorbing animations. Tease your champion useful connected nan homepage pinch a split-screen slider and showcase your projects pinch a cool Pinterest stairs portfolio layout. Interactive task presentations will besides thief you create a unique, engaging personification acquisition connected your website.

Features that make Dør nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • A Large Collection of Useful Inner Pages
  • Customizable Google Maps
  • Twitter and Instagram Social Widgets
  • Mikado Search Functionality
  • Multiple Blog List Layouts

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

12. Prague – Architecture


Download / More Info Demo

This taxable is simply a cleanable solution for each architecture, interior creation companies and akin businesses.

People who person helped build this taxable cautiously analyzed each apical architecture companies successful bid to thief you find precisely what you request to tally a cleanable architecture and design-oriented website. As a result, nan taxable comes pinch features specified arsenic 14 unsocial homepages, which will let you to build an perfect imagination of your business successful nary time. The taxable is adorned pinch beautiful, minimal and cleanable creation elements. Furthermore, a ample postulation of shortcodes will thief you coming your works, show your projects and adhd squad members.

Start achieving imaginative business accomplishments by utilizing Prague!

Features that make Prague nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • 14 Unique Homepages
  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • WPBakery Page Builder and Rev Slider Included
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Online Documentation
  • SEO Optimized

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

13. Grafik – Architecture and Design Portfolio Theme


Download / More Info Demo

This powerful taxable has been made pinch passionate and imaginative group successful mind. A ample assortment of location and soul pages, stylish portfolio lists and gorgeous showcase pages are incorporated into nan theme. Therefore, you’re onto a bully commencement from nan get-go. Now you tin attraction connected expanding your productivity to nan fullest while utilizing Grafik, since zero coding knowledge is required for you to create genuinely unsocial architecture portfolios. Last but not least, Grafik moreover provides you pinch a group of blog database templates, including Pinterest and Masonry.

Try retired Grafik coming and get to creating!

Features that make Grafik nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • Multiple Dropdown Menu Entry Animations
  • Large Collection of Pages and Layouts
  • Smooth Page Transitions – Choose Between 15 Loader Styles
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome, Font Elegant, Ion Icons, Simple Line Icons, Linea Icons, and Dripicons Icon Packs

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

14. Entré – An Elegant Interior Design and Décor WordPress Theme

Entre WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

If you hunt for nan cleanable taxable to coming your products and projects, you’re astatine nan correct place. With Entre’s postulation of captivating portfolio lists & azygous task layouts, you can’t make a mistake. Entre has each you request for a superb task aliases activity showcase – 30 captivating portfolio templates, 12 modern homepages, and galore location décor & furnishings layouts. Entré is besides packed pinch a immense postulation of elements and premium plugins truthful you tin build your website for illustration a professional, hassle-free. The taxable is afloat compatible pinch WooCommerce plugin truthful you tin waste your products from your sofa.

Features that make Entre nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • 30 Portfolio Templates
  • 12 Homepages
  • WooCommerce Plugin
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

15. Bauhaus – Architecture & Interior WordPress Theme

Bauhaus WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Designed pinch typical care, Bauhaus is simply a trendy WordPress theme, trusted by complete 1k happy users. Made for each architects and interior designers, this taxable has a cleanable and modern creation perfect for showcasing nan useful successful a master manner. Bauhaus is packed pinch an astonishing postulation of portfolio templates, cautiously curated for a assortment of purposes. These easy to customize portfolio styles person each you whitethorn ever request to stock your talents pinch nan world. Also, location are immoderate awesome blog layouts that will thief you coming nan task you presently activity connected aliases nan useful you are proud of. Organize your stories successful grid aliases usage news lists. As good you tin adhd images, aliases amazingly animated galleries to your blog stories. In a lawsuit you for illustration a acheronian colour palette, you will emotion Bauhaus moreover much since it’s packed pinch ray and acheronian colour variant. The taxable is SEO optimized and retina ready truthful you whitethorn beryllium judge it will rank bully connected Google and look awesome connected each type of device.

Features that make Bauhaus nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • Light and Dark Styles
  • SEO Optimized
  • Modern Portfolio Layouts
  • Set of Blog Templates
  • Clean and Modern Design

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

Luxe Architecture WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Discover nan luxurious website acquisition pinch Luxe Architecture! This astonishing architecture and interior creation WordPress taxable is packed pinch complete 1000 options for easy customization. With much than 100 image and video galleries, and 13 azygous task layouts, this taxable is simply a cleanable toolkit for showcasing architecture projects aliases interior creation works. Present projects successful item aliases let visitors to select them by location, category, clients & more. Also, Luxe Architecture comes pinch Interactive image representation builder plugin that allows you to tie your projects truthful users tin look for specifications and salary attraction to its circumstantial parts.

The taxable besides covers galore header and footer styles, positive it includes different slider and carousel features. In nan end, let’s mention that this taxable is created by professionals pinch nan purpose to thief you create nan fastest websites. With 99-page speed, A velocity score, and 1.2s loading clip you tin beryllium judge your website will beryllium often visited.

Features that make Luxe Architecture nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • 100+ Image and Video Galleries
  • 13 Single Project Layouts
  • Interactive Image Map Builder Plugin
  • 99-Page Speed, 1.2s Loading Time

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

17. Ratio – A Powerful Theme for Architecture, Construction, and Interior Design


Download / More Info Demo

Ratio is simply a clean-looking taxable specifically crafted to meet nan needs of those successful architecture, interior creation and building businesses.

Plenty of civilization shortcodes, 15 homepages and a copious magnitude of some shop and blog database layouts are much than enough to screen each your business necessities. Simultaneously, you tin customize your portfolio by picking from 25 portfolio options, take your perfect shop layouts and easy import each nan pages pinch 1 click import option. In addition, this taxable is besides Woocommerce compatible and is translator and Retina ready.

Increase percent of your occurrence by utilizing Ratio!

Features that make Ratio nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • 15 Homepages
  • 25 Portfolio Variants
  • 40 Custom Shortcodes
  • 10 Single Project Types
  • WooCommerce Compatible

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

18. Domik – Creative Responsive Architecture WordPress Theme


Download / More Info Demo

You’re looking for a taxable that has a cleanable and modern design? Then you’ve recovered it! Domik is an perfect taxable for architecture companies, interior designers, and each those who for illustration to coming their business successful a stylish and effective manner. This taxable is powered pinch 7 different portfolio page styles, afloat surface backgrounds and WPBakery Page Builder. In different words, these elements will surely thief you successful having a soft acquisition while adapting your early website to your imaginative business needs.

Features that make Domik nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • AJAX Page Transitons
  • 4 Different Style Home Page : Slider, Carousel, Static Image and Video
  • 7 Different Style Portfolio Page
  • 600+ Google Web Fonts
  • Power Theme Options pinch Redux Framework

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

19. Cobalt – Responsive Architect & Creatives WP Theme

Cobalt WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Build your website for illustration a existent master pinch Cobalt. This taxable is made for architects, architecture studios and creatives of immoderate different kind. Its minimal and elemental design makes it the cleanable prime if you want to put a attraction connected your useful successful an effective way.

Packed pinch 6 home/portfolio layouts, Combat is great for showcasing your architecture projects aliases designs. This afloat responsive, retina fresh taxable will look bully connected immoderate type aliases size of nan screen. Also, it comes pinch 4 blog templates, awesome for presenting your useful successful item aliases sharing stories astir your expertise. Another awesome point astir this taxable is nan fact you get each of its PSD files for free. As layers are organized successful a elemental way, you tin easy entree them and usage nan elements you need.

Features that make Cobalt nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • 6 Home/Portfolio Layouts
  • 4 Blog Templates
  • 12 Color Schemes
  • PSD Files Included
  • Minimal Design

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

20. Ambient – Modern Interior Design and Decoration Theme


Download / More Info Demo

As a taxable specially intended for architects and interior designers, Ambient tin beryllium an perfect solution for your business.

Not only does this taxable person a huge postulation of layouts for decoration and interior design, it besides comes pinch 12 pre-made homepage templates, truthful you tin commencement adapting your website to your preferences pinch ease. What’s more, nan taxable is besides Retina fresh and has an extended database of typography options. As a result, you tin remainder assured that your page will look smooth, approachable and charismatic to your visitors.

Launch your cleanable architecture website coming pinch Ambient!

Features that make Ambient nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • 12 Homepage Examples
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Extensive Typography Options
  • Three Header Types
  • Customizable Footer pinch Optional 1-4 Columns

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

21. Interior Design – Architecture & Design WP Theme


Download / More Info Demo

Clean, minimal and trendy – Internal Design is simply a awesome action for furnishings designers, interior designers, spot designers aliases architectural offices.

Incorporated shortcodes are useful helpers successful presenting your works, displaying your architectural aliases interior creation projects, and more. Moreover, you besides get flexible and responsive masonry puzzle and grid portfolio layouts pinch customizable options truthful that you tin tune up your website to your liking.

Features that make Interior Design nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • 99+ Custom Shortcodes
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Layer Slider & Revolution Slider
  • Custom Page Backgrounds
  • Unlimited Menu Colors

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

22. Aalto – Architecture and Interior Design Theme

Aalto WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Aalto is an perfect solution for each architects. Tons of task showcases, a assortment of portfolio lists, sliders and azygous task layouts make this taxable a must-have toolkit for everyone successful nan architecture and interior creation business. Aalto is packed with 12 stunning architecture templates and galore interior creation layouts truthful you tin coming each facet of your projects.

The theme, also, comes pinch a professional postulation of elements perfect for architecture websites including shop and blog layouts. Aalto is packed pinch different awesome constituent each designer aliases designer whitethorn request – Image Map Pro for WordPress plugin. With it you tin create immoderate benignant of image maps, pins aliases polygon shapes and show them connected your website.

Features that make Aalto nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • 12 Homepages
  • Image Map Pro for WordPress Plugin
  • Shop and Blog Layouts
  • Portfolio Lists & Singles

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

23. Invento – Architecture Agency Theme

Invento WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Invento is equipped pinch applicable features that will screen each nan needs of your architecture website. From different menus types, fullscreen and carousel sliders to various assemblage layouts. This taxable is ideal for introducing caller projects aliases showcasing nan astir typical works since it comes pinch a awesome portfolio and blog elements. Additionally, Invento covers a monolithic postulation of icons that are separated by styles truthful you tin easy find nan 1 you need. Invento is besides compatible pinch nan astir celebrated eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce. This intends you tin waste immoderate benignant of products nary matter wherever you are.

Features that make Invento nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • Different Menus Types
  • Fullscreen & Carousel Sliders
  • Huge Collection of Icons
  • WooCommerce Plugin

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

24. André – A Contemporary WordPress Theme for Small Business Owners and Creatives

Andre WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

This pixel cleanable WordPress theme is made peculiarly for mini business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Designed pinch typical attraction and attraction to details, Andre combines elasticity and precocious performance. It includes a immense group of features truthful everyone tin create a master website easily. Besides stunning portfolio templates, and breathtaking blog layouts, nan taxable is packed pinch a assortment of shop features. If you want to create a singular landing page, cv page aliases you want a afloat surface showcase, Andre covers it all. Add to this amazing parallax effect, and you are each set. You tin arsenic good display your Instagram feed connected your website aliases stock your client’s testimonials. In nan end, let’s besides mention that you tin import nan demo contented pinch 1 elemental click and edit nan contented hassle-free.

Features that make Andre nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • A Variety of Templates
  • Premium Plugins Included for Free
  • Instagram Feed Widget
  • One Click Demo Import

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

25. Aarhus – Modern Architecture Theme

Aarhus WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Aarhus is purpose-built for each architecture sites. The taxable is packed pinch 12 modern homepages and 9 afloat customizable soul pages. Packed pinch a master postulation of portfolio layouts for presenting your architecture aliases interior creation projects, Aarhus is what each architecture and interior creation website needs. With this taxable you will besides get a portfolio layout pinch AJAX powered azygous task navigation, and 2 premium plugins for free! Aarhus is compatible pinch WooCommerce and WPML plugins, truthful you tin some waste your items and construe your contented into immoderate connection you want.

Features that make Aarhus nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • 12 Home Pages
  • 25 + Portfolio Layouts
  • WooCommerce Plugin
  • AJAX
  • Modern Design

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

26. Maison – Modern Theme for Interior Designers and Architects


Download / More Info Demo

So, you’ve decided to style up your architecture business website to perfection. Look nary further – pinch Maison you’re onto a awesome start! This taxable is packed pinch type blog templates and besides comes pinch a postulation of 12 wholly customizable homepage layouts. Overall, Maison’s stylish portfolio lists and captivating interface will thief you stress nan truth that architecture is ocular art.

Features that make Maison nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • 12 Predesigned Homepages
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • 5 Icon Front Packs
  • Multiple Customizable Layouts for Portfolio Lists
  • Large Collection of Custom Shortcodes

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

27. Unibuild – Factory, Industry, Construction Building WordPress Theme

Unibuild WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Unibuild is nan correct solution for a wide spectrum of exertion companies and business websites. This taxable requires nary coding knowledge and allows you to easy customize each theme’s option. Import nan afloat demo contented pinch 1 click and commencement making a website you will beryllium proud of. Unibuild is afloat equipped pinch features and layouts for each professional. From unlimited sidebars, various blog types to nan applicable interaction shape and events almanac plugin support. It besides comes pinch singular portfolio devices truthful you tin put your useful successful nan spotlight pinch complete joy.

Features that make Unibuild nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Contact Form 7
  • Events Calendar Plugin Support
  • Custom Widgets

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

28. Hnk – Architecture Business WordPress Theme


Download / More Info Demo

HnK is simply a stellar prime if you’re connected a quest for an architecture, interior and decoration creation WordPress taxable pinch caller and modern look.

Its striking features specified arsenic 9 task layouts and much than 3 assemblage layouts fto you get your early designer aliases creation website into a cleanable shape. Additionally, nan prebuilt Project head makes this taxable usable arsenic a multipurpose theme. Finally, it besides has packed Woocommerce usability acknowledgment to which you tin create your ain store.

Test retired HnK and commencement building!

Features that make HnK nan champion WordPress taxable for architects:

  • 700+ Google Fonts
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • 9+ Project Layouts
  • 3+ Gallery Layouts
  • After&Before Remodeling Comparison
  • Project Manager
  • WooCommerce Store

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

29. Leeds – Architecture, Interior and Design WordPress Theme

Leeds WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Clean, minimal creation pinch refined specifications is what makes this taxable nan correct prime for each sorts of architects and interior creation workplace websites. The taxable is packed pinch the ample postulation of powerful shortcodes that will thief you build nan website that has it each pinch nary effort. Introduce your workplace and showcase your works, stock nan info astir your squad members aliases fto your website visitors interaction you pinch a azygous click. Leeds allows you to show your interior creation projects aliases to moreover use videos to coming your works. It’s packed pinch blog elements truthful you tin station architectural and furnishings creation articles to prosecute your readers.

Also, you can usage a smooth parallax effect and different animation effects to time off nan lasting belief connected your website visitors. This taxable comes pinch accelerated and intuitive page builder – WPBakery Page Builder that will make your customization easy.

Features that make Leeds nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • Powerful Shortcodes
  • Slider Revolution & WPBakery Page Builder
  • Blog & Shop Layouts
  • Parallax & Animations

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

30. Brixey – Responsive Architecture WordPress Theme

Brixey WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

The operation of refined creation and master features makes this taxable nan cleanable prime for everyone successful nan architecture business. It’s not only made to look beautiful connected each surface sizes and instrumentality types, but it besides offers immoderate astonishing applicable options that will boost your website. Brixey comes pinch an awesome postulation of task layouts and azygous task templates that will let you to coming your useful successful nan champion way.

These wholly customizable layouts are perfect for displaying useful and projects. Use afloat surface carousel, video, slider pinch info aliases parallax effect to connection thing different. Additionally, Brixey allows you to take betwixt ray and nan acheronian tegument variant, and to easy customize each constituent pursuing your needs.

Features that make Brixey nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • Project & Single Project Layouts
  • Video & Carousel
  • Light & Dark Skin Variant
  • Easy Customization

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

31. Inteco – Interior & Architecture WordPress Theme

Inteco WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

If you hunt for innovative architecture and interior creation theme, Inteco is for you. It provides you pinch each you will ever request to create a website pinch easiness – from one-click demo import functionality to nan applicable colour picker. This intends you tin turn your website to different colors that lucifer your aesthetics pinch conscionable a click. Inteco comes pinch much than 100 of colour elements to take from. But, this is only a start. This taxable is equipped pinch 19 header styles which let choosing nan 1 that fits your style. Also, nan taxable includes 14 blog layouts and 9 portfolio templates. If you want to showcase your useful successful an awesome way, Inteco will thief you do it for illustration a pro pinch 11 hover styles that toggle shape an mean portfolio into a small portion of art. In nan end, let’s besides mention that this taxable comes pinch GDPR tool, that now allows your customers to springiness consent to cookies connected your site.

Features that make Inteco nan champion architecture WordPress theme:

  • GDPR Tool
  • 19 Header Styles
  • 14 Blog Layouts
  • 9 Portfolio Templates
  • 11 Hover Styles

Download / More Info Demo Get Hosting

Architecture is each astir beauty. If you want to turn your database of clients, take 1 of WordPress themes for architects and architectural firms and coming your champion works, denote upcoming projects aliases present your squad of experts. You can, arsenic well, cheque retired real property WordPress themes since they person tons of elements architects whitethorn use from.

We dream this article was helpful. If you liked it, consciousness free to cheque retired immoderate of these articles arsenic well!

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