5 Most Exelent WordPress Restaurant Templates

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Running a edifice is simply a wonderful, fulfilling job, but it tin besides beryllium an exhausting one. In summation to each nan things you request to return attraction of successful your establishment, you besides request to make judge your branding, arsenic good arsenic your online presence, are spot-on, successful bid to pull customers. For that, you request a bully website, and for a bully edifice website that won’t make a immense dent successful your budget, your champion stake are WordPress edifice templates.

5 Most Exelent WordPress Restaurant Templates

WordPress edifice templates are fundamentally pre-styled designs that you tin use to halfway WordPress, equipped pinch each nan functionalities a edifice website could need, positive creation and aesthetics that will make your tract visitors want to sojourn your constitution correct away. In that sense, they are a batch for illustration nan premium edifice WordPress themes, which you should besides cheque out.

We person prepared a database of nan champion WordPress edifice templates we’re judge will beryllium of tremendous thief successful mounting up an online beingness that draws crowds to your spot and increases your booking rates:

1. Envato Template Kits for Elementor

Envato Elements WordPress Template Kits

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Envato is nan largest marketplace for each integer goods, particularly those designed for WordPress. Logically, it should service arsenic nan starting constituent successful your quest for nan cleanable edifice template. Easy to navigate, pinch plentifulness of categories to facilitate your search, Envato brings hundreds of stunning template kits by verified, trusted authors.

There are a batch of food-related kits to prime from, truthful if you’re moving a bakery, a vegan place, an Italian edifice aliases a diner, you should person nary problem uncovering nan cleanable templates. We peculiarly liked Restoca – Restaurant & Cafe Elementor Template Kit, packed pinch 10 ready-made pages, from homepage, paper and chefs page, each nan measurement to Error 404 page.

There’s besides Dinery – Restaurant Elementor Template Kit pinch 11 responsive, mobile-ready pages, SEO elements and fantabulous support, and FoodKit – Restaurant Template Kit pinch three different location pages and a group packing each nan soul pages you mightiness need.

These were conscionable a fewer examples of bully WordPress edifice template kits – browse nan Envato template page and you will find a number of fantabulous options for your business.

Features that make Envato Template Kits a bully prime for restaurants:

  • Great prime of designs
  • Trusted marketplace
  • A value scope for each budgets

Restoca template

Dinery template

FoodKit template

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2. Qi Theme for Elementor

Qi Premium WordPress theme

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Another fantabulous solution for Elementor users, nan Qi Theme packs an astounding postulation of 150 exquisitely designed demos for a wide scope of niches. The taxable is designed to facilitate nan website-making process and, acknowledgment to Qi Addons for Elementor, contains each nan required functionalities immoderate edifice mightiness request – opening hours, menus, interaction forms, interactive maps, carousels to showcase your staff, chefs and moreover your celebrated clients, arsenic good arsenic gorgeous layouts you tin usage to create an inviting, mouth-watering vibe.

Qi Theme includes arsenic galore arsenic 16 nutrient and edifice demos. Bakery, patisserie, “regular” restaurant, cafe, integrated nutrient place, seafood edifice – these are conscionable immoderate of nan establishments that are represented pinch a circumstantial demo successful nan theme.

The demos see beautiful image and video sections that you tin usage to showcase your champion dishes. Headers and footers tin beryllium customized to your liking, and location is simply a action of menus for you to take from, too. By integrating a Google Map, you will make judge your customers person an easy clip reaching you, and you can, of course, easy style and show your interaction forms, societal links and different intends for getting successful touch. Pricing tables, booking forms, blog layouts and modern CTA buttons are besides available, among galore different important functionalities.

If you’re connected nan budget, nan Qi Theme comes successful a free version, but if you’re consenting to put a bit, nan premium type comes pinch nan afloat action of demos for you to prime from. Qi Theme besides includes nan fantabulous Qi Addons for Elementor plugin.

Features that make Qi Theme a bully prime for restaurants:

  • Superior design
  • 16 nutrient and portion demos
  • Qi Addons for Elementor
  • Unparalleled customization options

Cafe & Restaurant


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3. Elementor Template Kits

Elementor Template Kits

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As their sanction suggests, Elementor Template Kits are predesigned kits for Elementor users that tin beryllium utilized to create websites quickly and pinch nan thief of Elementor’s intuitive page builder. With 100+ kits to take from, each you request to do is prime one, instal it and usage Elementor to customize nan creation pinch your ain content.

Elementor Template Kits see astir ten food-related kits that you tin usage for your restaurant. The Italian Restaurant Website Kit, for instance, features a agleam and cheerful design, pinch crisp lines and tons of achromatic space. It comes pinch eight page templates, including paper and events. It is equipped pinch a interaction form, booking form, a gallery, a representation and fundamentally everything you could need. The Japanese Restaurant Website Kit sports a spot edgier, darker vibe, suitable for a sushi place, and nan Food Truck Website Kit includes a pricing list, a representation and a promotion popup. In summation to these, nan Elementor Template Kits for restaurants besides see templates for a bakery, a nutrient blog, a individual cook site, winery, cupcakes and juice bar.

The kits costs $99/year and travel pinch a 30-day money backmost guarantee.

Features that make Elementor Template Kits a bully prime for restaurants:

  • 10 WordPress edifice template kits
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Made by Elementor

Italian Restaurant Website Kit

Japanese Restaurant Website Kit

Food Truck Website Kit

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4. Qi Templates for Gutenberg

Qi Templates For Gutenberg

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If you for illustration building websites consecutive retired of nan halfway WordPress, i.e. pinch Gutenberg, past you decidedly request to cheque retired Qi Templates for Gutenberg. This postulation goes beyond templates and offers different creation formats you tin usage pinch immoderate Gutenberg theme, including nan default WordPress ones. It includes 311 page templates, 232 patterns, 60 afloat demos and 32 style-free wireframes that you tin afloat customize to your liking.

If you request a afloat tract demo equipped pinch each nan pages and page sections, you tin usage nan gorgeous Restaurant demo. It includes an elegant booking form, a beautiful paper section, blog, galleries, full-width parallax scrolling sections, interaction form, and more. There is besides a seafood edifice demo and a cafe and edifice one.

As for nan templates, you tin browse and prime and usage immoderate page template you for illustration for 1 page, different template for different page, and truthful on. You tin besides harvester these pinch moreover smaller creation elements – patterns, and create a genuinely unsocial creation that fits your branding and your needs.

In short, if you’re building a edifice website utilizing Gutenberg, you can’t spell incorrect pinch one Templates. The postulation was made pinch Qi Blocks for Gutenberg, an exclusive postulation of civilization Gutenberg blocks that you get bundled pinch nan templates, for $79/year.

Features that make Qi Templates a bully prime for restaurants:

  • 600+ pre-styled designs
  • Full tract demos
  • Works pinch Gutenberg

Seafood Restaurant

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5. Sovy Restaurant Elementor Template Kit

Sovy WordPress Theme

Download / More Info

Now, if you’re looking for an affordable template kit made exclusively for restaurants, cheque retired Sovy Restaurant Elementor Template Kit. This no-fuss template kit includes two homepage styles, 2 preservation styles, and soul pages that see Contact Us, Our Chef, Gallery, Services and a 404 Page.

The style of this kit is acheronian and elegant, pinch a spot of rustic feel. It includes a reservation CTA, counters for showcasing your astir important numbers, cleanable and airy paper sections, societal buttons, and more. The creation is responsive and retina-ready, and tin beryllium customized to a awesome extent.

If you opt for this template kit, it will group you backmost $29, but statement that you will request immoderate plugins for it to activity properly, astir importantly MetForms, JetSticky, ElementsKit Lite and Essential Addons for Elementor.

Features that make Sovy a bully prime for restaurants:

  • Suitable for debased fund websites
  • Modern, responsive design
  • 404 Page

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Well, this was surely a mouth-watering journey! All nan designs we saw coming tick respective important boxes: they characteristic modern, beautiful design, see important functionalities that each edifice website should have, and are easy to use.

Now each that’s near to do is determine which creation you for illustration nan best, and besides whether you want a kit that will see designs for different niches and purposes too, aliases a creation created for restaurants and restaurants alone. The prime is yet up to you. We wish you bully luck, and don’t hide to fto america cognize really your website turned out!

We dream this article was helpful. If you liked it, consciousness free to cheque retired immoderate of these articles arsenic well!

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