5+ WordPress Themes for Stunning Record Label

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The digitalization has profoundly changed nan measurement euphony is recorded, published, served, and shared. It has provided tons of caller opportunities some for artists and their fans. Record companies had to alteration their accuracy to support gait pinch nan trends of nan online world. As a consequence of that influence, no successful grounds explanation institution tin nowadays beryllium imagined without a full-fledged online presence that incorporates an charismatic website arsenic good arsenic societal web accounts.5+ WordPress Themes for Stunning Record Label

When building an online presence, sloppy of nan institution size and scope, WordPress is simply a awesome level to commencement from, arsenic it is some scalable and versatile. The adjacent measurement would beryllium nan prime of a grounds explanation WordPress theme. Luckily, location are plenty of smart and beautiful WordPress themes to take from. But, if you’re caller to WordPress and everything related to it, you mightiness find it really difficult to make nan final determination astir nan taxable for your website.

With that successful mind, we compiled a list of nan astir beautiful and functional grounds explanation WordPress themes that will thief you make that prime and create a stunning website easily, pinch no coding knowledge required:

1. Qi Theme for Elementor

Qi Theme Record Label

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Sometimes, erstwhile picking a taxable for your website, it’s champion to spell pinch a multipurpose one, alternatively of a highly specialized theme. Here’s why – multipurpose themes person demos and page elements that tin beryllium combined, meaning you really get a wider prime and overmuch amended flexibility than pinch specialized themes. This is precisely nan lawsuit pinch nan stunning Qi Theme, a postulation of 150+ modern, superbly designed demos.

If you scheme connected trading records online, nan taxable packs a bully scope of eCommerce demos, optimized for soft transactions. There are besides music-related demos successful various styles, truthful you tin easy prime nan look that fits your grounds explanation marque to perfection.

The theme, which is optimized for velocity and performance and incredibly lightweight for its size, comes pinch features for illustration music players, video sections, soft animations, a plethora of move page layouts, elastic headers and footers and much, overmuch more.

Features that make Qi Theme a Great WordPress theme:

  • 150 professionally designed demos
  • Light, unchangeable and fast
  • JSON schema
  • Premium banal images included
  • Video background

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2. Qi Templates for Gutenberg

Qi Templates Record Label

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If you prefer moving pinch Gutenberg, i.e. consecutive from nan WordPress core, Qi has you covered pinch a statement of products consisting of Qi Templates and Qi Blocks for Gutenberg. The Qi Templates correspond an breathtaking caller scope of creation elements for artifact editing, from complete demos and templates to smaller page elements – patterns. It moreover has style-free wireframes. You tin play astir pinch these elements, operation and lucifer them and create a unique, superbly designed website successful virtually nary clip and bask a awesome action of functionalities immoderate grounds explanation tract mightiness need. Works pinch immoderate Gutenberg theme.

Features that make NeoBeat a awesome WordPress theme:

  • Social Share Functionality
  • Elementor Page Builder Compatibility
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Large Collection of Inner Pages
  • Integrated Search

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3. NeoBeat – Music WordPress Theme

NeoBeat Festival WordPress Theme

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Urban aesthetics, mixed pinch a refreshing colour palette and cleanable lines, make nan NeoBeat taxable look stunningly appealing. Smooth gradients adhd a benignant of elegant flair to it. The taxable features nine homepage layouts that reply nan needs of a assortment of euphony businesses and includes nan beautiful grounds explanation homepage.
As a grounds explanation company, your apical privilege surely is to present caller artists and their music, and nan champion measurement to do it is to stock their euphony pinch your audience. That’s why nan applicable NeoBeat euphony subordinate is placed correct beneath nan main slider connected nan grounds explanation homepage. The taxable allows you to embed euphony from various platforms for illustration Spotify, SoundCloud, and similar.

Thanks to a assortment of practical, niche-specific shortcodes for illustration nan creator list, medium list, medium player, set personnel shortcode, and similar, you tin easy show plentifulness of useful accusation quickly without noodling excessively overmuch complete really to do it.

The taxable is besides WooCommerce compatible, and nan shop page comes pinch 3 predesigned layouts truthful that you tin person your online euphony shop fresh successful a blink of an eye.

Features that make NeoBeat a awesome WordPress theme:

  • Social Share Functionality
  • Elementor Page Builder Compatibility
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Large Collection of Inner Pages
  • Integrated Search

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Noizzy Music WordPress Theme

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The singular Noizzy theme’s creation instantly catches nan oculus pinch bold typography, full-screen sliders, and parallax effects. The smart prime of inheritance colors accented pinch yellow specifications creates an municipality scenery and makes your imagery guidelines out. The responsive and retina ready creation guarantees your photos will look cleanable connected immoderate surface size.

The taxable is packed pinch a variety of niche-specific homepages and it allows you to add nan euphony subordinate to immoderate conception connected immoderate page of your website. It besides supports galore euphony shop platforms for illustration Google Play, Deezer, Spotify, App Store, Bandcamp, and Amazon Mp3. The Music Modul that comes pinch it allows you to easy merge euphony playlists, showcase albums and tracks, and a batch more.

A blog is simply a awesome measurement to link pinch your audience. This taxable allows you to do it pinch style arsenic it features events and medium civilization station types truthful that you tin stock and item circumstantial contented effortlessly. A variety of useful shortcodes for illustration nan events list, medium slider, and medium subordinate shortcode let you to show each nan applicable info neatly and successful statement pinch nan theme’s design.

Features that make Noizzy a awesome WordPress theme:

  • Powerful, User-Friendly Admin Interface
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • SEO Optimized
  • Contact Form 7 Compatible
  • Custom Widget Areas

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Shuffle Music WordPress Theme

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The awesome Shuffle WP template is simply a niche-specific, versatile taxable that fits a assortment of euphony genres and includes an incredible postulation of 18 homepage layouts, including nan explanation grounds layout. Its contemporary design, mixed pinch parallax effects, video sliders, and akin soft creation details, create a highly engaging atmosphere that makes it difficult to time off nan tract without diving deeper into what it has to offer. The taxable is besides packed pinch a euphony module that allows for plentifulness of useful functionalities. Thanks to it, you tin easy connect pinch a assortment of euphony platforms, import playlists, showcase tracks, and a batch more. Another awesome advantage of this taxable is that it features a specific, applicable constituent that enables you to link pinch Bandsintown and display each nan events from nan artists you select.

It besides allows for a batch of customization. You tin customize some header and footer, take from nan immense array of page layout options, set font styles arsenic good arsenic colors. The premium drag-and-drop page builder, WP Bakery, comes pinch nan taxable for free and makes it easy to adhd and put various elements.

Features that make Shuffle a awesome WordPress theme:

  • One-Click Import of Demo Site
  • Large Collection of Custom Shortcodes
  • Genre Specific Theme Skins
  • Zoom Animations connected Edge Slider Images
  • WooCommerce Integration

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6. Phase – A Complete Music WordPress Theme for Record Labels and Artists

Phase WordPress Theme

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Phase is not nan benignant of taxable that focuses connected a peculiarly constrictive niche successful nan euphony manufacture – it useful good crossed nan committee for each types of euphony websites, including nan grounds explanation sites. Its creation is characterized by geometrical shapes and striking colour contrasts that make it look edgy, urban, and modern.

The Record Label homepage is very interactive. It moreover has a chatbox displayed connected nan correct broadside while nan main paper pinch a soft hover effect is placed connected nan left. Its extensive postulation of premade soul pages includes nan premade Releases and Events pages.

Phase is besides a very elastic theme, packed pinch WPBakery, nan celebrated drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to create and set layouts and rearrange contented pinch ease.

It is besides WooCommerce compatible and comes pinch a useful functionality to link your tracks and releases to WooCommerce products.

Features that make Phase a awesome WordPress theme:

  • Advanced Playlist Manager
  • 8+ Menu Layouts With Many Styling Options
  • Zoom Effect, Parallax, Glitch Effect, Slideshow & Video Background
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • One-Click Demo Installation

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7. Vibra – Music Theme for DJs, Artists, and Festivals

Vibra WordPress Theme

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The Vibra theme’s creation has a unique creator quality. It combines photography pinch soft gradient effects, wavy shapes, and animations successful specified a singular mode that you momentarily consciousness drawn to it. Beautiful hover effects subtly item nan theme’s municipality elegance. But this taxable does a batch much than conscionable please nan eye. It’s packed pinch a powerful euphony module that allows you to easy link pinch euphony platforms for illustration iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Mp3. It besides provides you pinch nan ability to import playlists, showcase artists and albums, and a batch more.

The premade discography page is gorgeous and features a euphony subordinate conveniently placed beneath nan medium image. There are plentifulness much premade pages that are conscionable arsenic beautiful, allowing you to group up your website quickly. As for nan euphony player, you tin easy adhd it to immoderate page. The taxable besides includes a wide assortment of niche-specific shortcodes, and among those is nan albums subordinate slider shortcode, artists showcase shortcode, and Bandsintown events shortcode.

Building an online organization of fans is of immense value some for your institution and your artists, not to mention its trading potential. Therefore nan taxable supports full societal stock functionality and societal icons widget.

Features that make Vibra a awesome WordPress theme:

  • Bandsintown Events Shortcode
  • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress Included
  • WooCommerce Dropdown Cart Widget
  • Fullscreen Menu Functionality
  • Video and Image Backgrounds successful Sections

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8. Herion – A WordPress Theme for nan Music Industry

Herion WordPress Theme

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The Herion theme is simply a very versatile taxable characterized by modern and municipality design. It is bundled pinch 15 homepage layouts tailor-made to reply various needs of nan euphony industry. The Record Label homepage features a full-screen image pinch absorbing animated effects, euphony player, and a chatbox, which altogether promises excellent relationship pinch nan audience.

Its beginner-friendly intuitive admin panel makes it really easy to usage and since it besides features a one-click demo installation if you for illustration immoderate of nan demos that are bundled pinch nan theme, you tin person your website looking precisely nan aforesaid successful a click of a button.

Herion is besides beautiful customizable. It comes pinch nine different widget areas, 8+ paper layouts, and plentifulness of styling options that will thief you make your pages look genuinely authentic. Plus, nan WPBakery page builder is included for free and comes pinch a batch of further niche circumstantial elements.

Features that make Herion a awesome WordPress theme:

  • Rich Single Event Page With All Event Info
  • MailChimp Integration for Newsletter Sign-up
  • WPML Ready
  • Artists List With Many Layout Options
  • WooCommerce Ready

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9. Recond – Recording Studio & Music Band WordPress Theme

Recond WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Recond is 1 of those beginner-friendly, elemental themes that has each that you request to set up an charismatic and functional tract easily. Its creation gives disconnected a highly master image while animated matter effects and prime of fonts herb it up a bit. The taxable is besides responsive and retina ready truthful you tin beryllium judge it will look bully connected each devices.

Recond comes pinch 2 chopped homepage layouts and allows for a batch of customization. It features a useful colour customizer allowing you to create your ain colour palette pinch ease. Thanks to its compatibility pinch WPBakery, moreover a complete beginner will beryllium capable to easy alteration and create layouts and rearrange nan contented for illustration a pro. The quality codification guarantees nan soft capacity of nan theme.

Record explanation companies person sizeable imaginable for building a rich | and divers online community. That’s why it is important to take a taxable that supports full societal stock functionality truthful that you tin person a full-fledged online beingness crossed various societal media platforms and connect pinch your assemblage smoothly, and that’s precisely what Recond does.

Features that make Recond a awesome WordPress theme:

  • Amazing Parallax Effects
  • SEO Friendly
  • 20+ Custom WPBakery Elements
  • MailChimp Ready
  • Image Zoom Animations

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As you tin see, nan astir important quality betwixt nan themes connected this database lies successful their design. We made judge all of them fresh our strict criteria that see galore useful niche-specific functionalities, responsiveness, easiness of use, and customization options. You simply can’t spell incorrect pinch immoderate of nan templates from this list. It is only up to you to prime nan 1 that matches your style perfectly.

We dream this article was helpful. If you liked it, consciousness free to cheque retired immoderate of these articles arsenic well!

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