7 Most Popular WordPress Blog Templates

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If starting a blog is thing you’ve been dreaming for a while, now could beryllium nan cleanable clip to start. Since you’re reference this, you’ve astir apt already decided you want your blog to beryllium powered by WordPress, and, of course, you’ve made nan correct call. Now each you request is nan cleanable WordPress blog template.

7 Most Popular WordPress Blog Templates

In WordPress, templates are predesigned elements that you tin import and usage connected your website. They springiness you not conscionable nan design, but nan functionalities, too, ensuring your blog is equipped pinch everything it needs for reaching wide audiences. You whitethorn besides request a mates of blogging plugins, but that’s not our taxable correct now.

Ideally, a WordPress blog template should beryllium modern and responsive by design, lightweight and clean. It should incorporate a bully action of blog post singles, blog lists, archive pages, galleries, and elements that make your blog appealing and engaging.

In this article, we’re showing you immoderate of nan mos popular WordPress blog templates retired there. We’ve selected them according to strict criteria, based connected our extended acquisition successful nan field. So excavation correct in, we’re judge your cleanable blog template is location connected this list:

1. Qi Templates for Gutenberg

Qi Templates For Gutenberg

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We’re starting disconnected pinch a template kit designed specifically for Gutenberg. The WordPress’ autochthonal page builder is simply a favourite of many, and this exclusive and broad postulation of predesigned elements is designed to capable everyone’s needs, including bloggers. Qi Templates see 365 page templates, 232 patterns, 32 wireframes and 72 full-featured tract demos. You can, for example, prime nan Lifestyle Blog demo, aliases alternatively harvester page templates you like, aliases smaller elements – patterns, to execute conscionable nan look you want.

Qi Templates are powered by Qi Blocks for Gutenberg, a postulation of Gutenberg blocks that comes pinch templates and which you tin usage to adhd useful functional elements to your website. For blogging, you whitethorn request nan comments template, precocious columns and categories, aliases a hunt bar. You whitethorn besides want to usage post day and station writer info blocks, a tag unreality aliases station terms. You get each this – and overmuch much – pinch Qi Templates. So fundamentally you get an all-in-one solution that allows you to group up a gorgeous, engaging and modern blog successful virtually nary time, each by yourself.

Qi Templates for Gutenberg Wedding

Qi taxable premium Luxury demo

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2. Envato Template Kits for Elementor

Envato Elements WordPress Template Kits

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When it comes to template marketplaces, you can’t really hit Envato. This integer marketplace is nan go-to spot for everything you could perchance request successful position of premium products for WordPress. All products are verified and quality-tested, pursuing strict Envato guidelines and controls.

You tin browse by author, but we urge you simply type “blog” successful nan hunt barroom and past prime among 1600+ templates designed for blogs – from individual and recreation to nutrient and exertion (and everything successful between). If browsing done truthful galore templates seems excessively exhausting, you tin ever constrictive nan hunt by manufacture aliases benignant nan templates by freshness, relevance aliases popularity.

For each template, you get a short preview and immoderate basal information, and nan template page contains much specifications connected nan writer and nan astir important features.

PoetNote Template

laVi Template

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3. Elementor Template Kits

Elementor Template Kits

If you’re utilizing Elementor and want your blog creation to travel from nan aforesaid workshop, past you request to cheque retired Elementor Template Kits. There are presently immoderate 100+ kits to take from, and 8 of them are designed specifically for blogs. Now, you’re not obliged to usage a template pinch nan “blog” tag connected it. There are layouts that are possibly made for different purposes but that tin suit your blog for illustration a glove, truthful make judge to browse nan different categories arsenic well.

As for nan strictly blog templates, location is a nutrient blog template, 1 for wellness blog, manner blog and business blog. If you’re going to constitute astir sports, there’s an fantabulous template for that, and location is, of course, nan recreation blog one. All templates are equipped pinch nan station grid layout and besides see useful features for illustration quotations, subscription buttons, sidebars, galleries, and more. All templates are modern, cleanable and dynamic, designed successful a measurement that will surely compliment your writing.

Food Blog Website Kit

Travel Blog Website Kit

4. Qi Theme for Elementor

Qi Premium WordPress theme

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While it’s not precisely a template kit, Qi Theme for Elementor tin beryllium an astonishing instrumentality for a WordPress blog of virtually immoderate kind. It packs 150 modern demos, 5 of which are dedicated to blog and mag websites. However, you tin usage immoderate different demo that you for illustration and that tin service your purpose. If you are a nutrient blogger, there’s a awesome demo conscionable for that, equipped pinch engaging blog station and database layouts, arsenic good arsenic galleries.

There is besides a stunning manner blog, pinch absorbing image frames that springiness your blog a modern and unique touch. What’s besides awesome astir nan Qi Theme is that it comes pinch Qi Addons for Elementor, a stunning postulation of civilization widgets. The widgets adhd to your website immoderate awesome and useful functionalities ranging from infographics and showcase ones, to SEO and business, arsenic good arsenic a scope of blogging and blog layout widgets.

Qi Magazine Demo

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5. Blabber – Modern Blog & Magazine Elementor Template Kit


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One of nan best-selling blog template kits connected ThemeForest, Blabber is simply a modern, move solution for various types of blogs and online magazines. It is suitable for lifestyle, business, imaginative and master blogs, and comes pinch a wide array of predesigned pages. There are five chopped homepages you tin prime from, which allows for elasticity successful position of style and atmosphere. There are besides each nan basal soul pages: gallery, interaction page, shop, services, arsenic good arsenic nan About Us page.

If you opt for this theme, you tin besides prime betwixt nine different header and footer styles. The Blabber template kit is easy to import and customize, and it is mostly rather lightweight and fast. The blog you create pinch this template kit will beryllium SEO-ready and, of course, afloat responsive.

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6. Trawell – Travel Blog Elementor Template Kit


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If you’re dreaming of starting a recreation blog, past Trawell mightiness beryllium conscionable nan point for you. This template kit is modeled from nan Trawell WordPress theme, which we covered successful our portion connected best escapade themes. The kit has nan aforesaid light, move and modern artistic vibe, and is packed pinch beautiful blog lists and station layouts, fullscreen sections, maps, counters and everything other you could request for a recreation blog. It has two chopped homepages, 2 header variants, 3 archive styles, and a beautiful Destinations page.

There’s besides a premade Error 404 page truthful you don’t person to creation it from scratch. Trawell includes an absorbing recreation achievements counter, arsenic good arsenic subscription forms. If you’re a complete newbie to WordPress blogging, you’ll beryllium gladsome to perceive this template comes pinch a elaborate step-by-step guideline for installation and setup.

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7. Especio – Food Blog Elementor Template Kit


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Food blogging is, on pinch travel, among nan astir celebrated blogging niches. The marketplace doesn’t deficiency successful beautiful food blog themes and template kits, but this clip astir we want to talk astir Especio. This is simply a lovely, cleanable and caller template kit for food bloggers, nutritionists, nutrient critics aliases immoderate different culinary enthusiast looking to commencement a WordPress nutrient blog. Especio comes pinch a pricing table, pricing list, menu, shop, and galore different useful elements for a nutrient blog. There’s a beautiful Our Team page, 3 chopped homepage layouts, 2 About Us layouts and nan Locations page. Blog layouts are airy and dynamic, pinch fullscreen sections, sliders and 5 premade header and footer styles. This kit tin beryllium utilized pinch nan basal type of Elementor.

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The world of blogging is not conscionable an breathtaking 1 – it tin beryllium a lucrative thing, too. Bloggers crossed each niches tin quickly emergence to nan position of influencers, arsenic they usually woody pinch celebrated and highly searched topics. Consequently, it is besides a rather saturated marketplace – becoming a blogger isn’t difficult astatine all, and there’s possibly excessively galore group doing it. 

That’s why, successful bid to guidelines out, you person to make judge your blog not conscionable looks great, but besides has each nan elements and functionalities your visitors mightiness need. By providing modern, engaging creation and bully personification experience, you group nan correct way for your blog to skyrocket. We’re assured that 1 of these WordPress blog templates will beryllium of tremendous assistance successful that.

We dream this article was helpful. If you liked it, consciousness free to cheque retired immoderate of these articles arsenic well!

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