Comparison Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO, Which Is The Best?

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Trying to take between Rank Math vs Yoast SEO as your WordPress site’s SEO plugin?

In 2021, these are nan 2 astir celebrated SEO plugins and some are awesome devices that tin thief you group your tract up for occurrence successful Google’s rankings.

However, location are immoderate notable differences betwixt Yoast SEO and Rank Math, truthful you’ll want to understand what those are truthful that you tin prime nan champion instrumentality for your situation.

In our hands-on Rank Math vs Yoast SEO comparison, we’ll excavation into nan important differences to thief you decide.

Comparison Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO, Which Is The Best?

Quick Introductions – Popularity and Ratings

To footwear things off, let’s move to nan contented of nan crowds and spot really Rank Math and Yoast SEO comparison erstwhile it comes to fame and personification reviews. This isn’t particularly hands-on, but it does supply immoderate useful discourse for why I said that some of these plugins tin beryllium fantabulous choices successful their ain rights.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is nan large sanction successful WordPress SEO. It’s been astir everlastingly (since 2010) and it’s go synonymous pinch “WordPress SEO” successful a batch of people’s minds. It’s by acold nan astir celebrated SEO plugin and it’s besides conscionable level retired 1 of nan astir celebrated WordPress plugins ever.

Rank math

Launched a fewer years agone successful 2018, Rank Math is nan comparative newcomer successful nan WordPress SEO space. However, it does travel from a well-established WordPress institution in MyThemeShop (our review), truthful nan Rank Math squad has plentifulness of acquisition to bring to bear. Since its launch, it’s quickly risen to go nan second-most celebrated WordPress SEO plugin*.

Here’s a array comparing nan 2 plugins arsenic of June 18, 2021:

MetricRank MathYoast SEO
Active sites800,000+5,000,000+
Review Rating4.94.8
Review Count3,177+27,353+
Last 7 days download349,8472,333,715

*All In One SEO technically has much progressive sites than Rank Math, but Rank Math’s caller download count is ~3X All In One SEO’s caller download count (~349k vs ~111k), which is why I opportunity Rank Math is much popular.


With nan introductions retired of nan way, let’s comparison Rank Math vs Yoast SEO successful position of nan features that they offer. To make this easier to scan, I’ll do this successful array format. Here’s what nan icons successful nan array mean:

  • ✔️ – this characteristic is disposable successful nan free type of nan plugin astatine
  • ✔️💰 – this characteristic is available, but only if you salary for nan premium type (more connected pricing later).
  • ✔️✔️ – this characteristic is disposable successful some plugins but 1 plugin does it notably better. E.g. some plugins support schema markup for rich | snippets, but Rank Math’s characteristic is much advanced, truthful I would people Rank Math pinch nan double checkmark.
  • ❌ – nan characteristic doesn’t beryllium successful either nan free aliases premium versions.

This is not a complete database of each azygous characteristic successful each plugin – I conscionable tried to propulsion retired nan features that astir group will attraction about.

FeatureRank MathYoast SEO
Set SEO title✔️✔️
Set SEO meta description✔️✔️
SEO title/description templates✔️✔️
Focus keyword analysis✔️✔️
Multiple attraction keywords✔️✔️💰
Focus keyword suggestions✔️✔️💰
Social media chart control✔️✔️
Readability suggestions✔️✔️
Sitewide schema markup✔️✔️
Per-content schema markup✔️✔️✔️
XML sitemaps✔️✔️
Link counter✔️✔️
Google Search Console integration✔️✔️
Google Analytics integration✔️
Basic WooCommerce SEO✔️✔️
Advanced WooCommerce SEO✔️💰✔️💰
Single-location section SEO✔️✔️💰
Multi-location section SEO✔️💰✔️💰
Internal nexus suggestions✔️✔️💰
Redirect manager✔️✔️💰
404 monitor✔️
Advanced Video SEO✔️💰✔️💰
Advanced Image SEO✔️💰✔️💰
Keyword rank tracking✔️💰
Role head for SEO access✔️✔️
SEO reports (white label)✔️💰
Full Elementor integration✔️✔️💰

As you tin see, Rank Math is nan beautiful clear victor some successful position of nan number of features that it offers and nan number of features that it offers for free.

In fact, successful position of features, I deliberation nan free type of Rank Math mightiness moreover person much features than nan halfway paid type of Yoast SEO.

Of course, having much features doesn’t automatically mean a plugin is amended – it depends connected whether you really find those features useful.

For example, if you conscionable want a plugin to group SEO titles and meta descriptions and make immoderate basal on-page optimizations, some are beautiful overmuch adjacent successful that respect.

Additionally, some plugins connection a modular attack to their features, which intends you tin disable immoderate features that you don’t want to use. This helps you support your tract lightweight and simplify nan interfaces.

Speaking of interfaces, let’s talk astir that next.

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Ease of Use/Interface

Both Rank Math and Yoast SEO are beautiful easy to usage and beginner-friendly. If I had to pick, I would opportunity that I somewhat for illustration nan Rank Math interface because it’s a small much modern and provides somewhat much useful suggestions, but I don’t deliberation you’ll person issues pinch either.

Both plugins activity pinch some nan classical TinyMCE editor and nan newer default WordPress artifact editor. However, because nan artifact editor is nan default editor successful 2023, that’s what I’ll attraction connected for this comparison.

Let’s spell done them…

Rank Math

Rank Math puts its settings successful a sidebar sheet that’s accessible from nan top-right corner. The icon to unfastened nan settings besides gives you a bully summary of your content’s optimization:

Open Rank Math interface

Clicking that will grow nan sidebar, divided into tabs.

In nan first tab, you tin group nan attraction keyword(s) for your contented and position nan analysis. You tin besides get suggestions for keywords conscionable by typing successful nan box:

Rank Math sidebar

Rank Math’s study is simply a people retired of 100, which gives you a elaborate look astatine optimization. As I mentioned above, I besides find its suggestions a small much useful and elaborate than Yoast SEO, particularly erstwhile it comes to readability study (which Rank Math lumps into nan wide people – location aren’t abstracted scores for illustration successful Yoast SEO).

If you click the Edit Snippet button, you tin power your SEO title/description and societal media accusation successful a popup, on pinch a unrecorded preview:

Rank Math snippet editor

The different tabs successful nan sidebar fto you:

  • Manage method specifications for illustration Robots meta and canonical URLs.
  • Configure schema markup.
  • Edit societal media information.

For example, successful nan schema tab, you tin take from different types of schema markup:

Rank Math schema types

When you take nan type of schema, you’ll beryllium capable to participate nan specifications and validate it:

Rank Math schema data

In position of nan different tools, you’ll get a well-designed area wherever you tin alteration modular settings and entree tools:

Rank Math modules

For example, here’s what nan redirect head looks like:

Rank Math redirect manager

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO gives you 2 ways to entree its settings:

  1. A meta container beneath nan editor, which is besides really it useful successful nan classical TinyMCE editor.
  2. A sidebar for illustration Rank Math.

The settings are nan aforesaid betwixt nan two, truthful it’s really conscionable down to your individual preference:

Yoast SEO settings

Personally, I find nan metabox to beryllium a spot easier to activity with, truthful I’ll attraction connected that.

The meta container has 4 tabs. In the SEO tab, you tin group up nan title/description and position a unrecorded preview. You tin besides adhd a attraction keyphrase and position SEO study tips:

Yoast SEO attraction keywords

The study only gives 3 wide scores – reddish (bad), yellow, aliases greenish (good). You tin besides spot a database of individual tips and whether your contented is optimized for those tips.

Further down, you tin group up specifications for illustration Robots meta and canonical URLs.

The Readability tab gives you suggestions for improving your contented pinch nan aforesaid scoring arsenic SEO optimization  – I don’t find it useful but you might:

Yoast SEO readability

The Schema tab lets you group a page type, but nan database is much constricted and you can’t really adhd nan information for illustration Rank Math allows:

Yoast SEO schema

Finally, the Social tab lets you group up your societal chart information.

On nan backend, you’ll get a dedicated dashboard to negociate settings and entree tools:

Yoast SEO modules


Now, let’s talk astir what each nan cool worldly supra is going to costs you.

First, some plugins person free versions astatine that will activity for most sites. However, arsenic I mentioned successful nan features section, the free type of Rank Math is a batch much generous than the free type of Yoast SEO.

For example, nan free type of Rank Math gives you nan following:

  • Multiple keyword analysis.
  • Focus keyword suggestions.
  • Internal nexus suggestions.

Yoast SEO tin do each of that…but only successful nan premium version.

In position of nan premium versions, Rank Math is besides a batch much affordable. There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. Rank Math conscionable has 1 halfway premium plugin (with 2 different pricing plans). On nan different hand, Yoast SEO has 1 premium halfway plugin plus pricey add-ons for definite features for illustration section SEO, video SEO, and WooCommerce SEO.
  2. Rank Math’s paid scheme supports unlimited websites, whereas Yoast SEO’s paid plans person very strict tract limits.

Basically, if you only person a azygous site, Rank Math will still beryllium much affordable. And if you person aggregate sites, Rank Math is going to be a lot more affordable.

Let’s spell done nan premium pricing of each…

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Rank Math

Rank Math only has 2 pricing plans for its premium version:

  • Pro – $59 – focused connected solo website owners looking to usage Rank Math connected individual websites.
  • Business – $199 – focused connected agencies aliases businesses who are looking to usage Rank Math connected customer websites.

If you want to spot a elaborate characteristic comparison betwixt nan free, Pro, and Business plans, you tin scroll down to nan array on the Rank Math pricing page:

Rank Math pricing vs Yoast SEO

These prices are technically listed arsenic “launch prices”, truthful they mightiness spell up soon. However, they’ve been astatine these rates for months now, truthful Rank Math doesn’t look to beryllium successful immoderate hurry to commencement utilizing nan “regular” prices.

Even if Rank Math raises nan prices to nan crossed-out numbers ($129 & $429), I would still opportunity it offers amended worth than Yoast SEO for astir people.

Yoast SEO

As I mentioned, location are 2 types of premium plans for Yoast SEO:

  • The halfway premium plugin.
  • Specialized add-ons for definite usage cases specified arsenic WooCommerce SEO, section SEO, news SEO, aliases video SEO.

For nan halfway plugin, you’ll salary $89 but that only allows usage connected a azygous site. For much sites, you only get a mini discount connected further licenses:

Yoast SEO pricing vs Rank Math

So if you person 5 sites, you’d salary $400.50 to Yoast SEO! In comparison, Rank Math would only costs $59 for unlimited sites. Even if Rank Math raises its value to $129, it’s still a importantly amended woody if you person aggregate websites.

Here are nan single-site prices for nan different add-ons

  • Local SEO – $69
  • News SEO – $69
  • Video SEO – $69
  • WooCommerce SEO – $69

Yoast SEO uses nan aforesaid billing building if you request aggregate licenses for nan add-ons:

Yoast SEO add-on pricing

Overall, Rank Math is nan clear victor erstwhile it comes to affordability.

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FAQ On Rank Math vs Yoast SEO

Now that we’re nearing nan extremity of our comparison, let’s spell complete immoderate questions you mightiness person astir these 2 SEO plugins.

Is Rank Math Better Than Yoast SEO?

Rank Math has much features than Yoast SEO, truthful it’s amended successful that respect. However, Yoast SEO tin still do everything astir group need, truthful this mobility is excessively subjective to state a clear winner.

Is Rank Math aliases Yoast SEO More Popular?

Yoast SEO is decidedly much celebrated and by acold nan astir celebrated WordPress SEO plugin. Rank Math is nan second-most celebrated plugin, but Yoast SEO still had ~6.5X much downloads complete nan past 7 days than Rank Math.

Is Rank Math aliases Yoast SEO Better Rated?

Rank Math has the slightest of edges successful position of personification ratings – Rank Math has a 4.9-star standing while Yoast SEO has a 4.8-star rating.

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Can I Use Two SEO Plugins?

No! You should perfectly not usage 2 WordPress SEO plugins. Just take 1 of these plugins for your site.

Do I Need a WordPress SEO Plugin?

Yes! Absolutely – each azygous WordPress tract needs an SEO plugin, truthful you should pick one of these 2 options.

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO: Which One Should You Use?

In nan end, choosing betwixt Rank Math vs Yoast SEO should travel down to what you worth and what you’re looking for successful an SEO plugin.

If you look astatine nan features, interfaces, and prices, Rank Math is nan beautiful clear victor successful each 3 categories. So from that perspective, Rank Math is astir apt nan amended prime for astir group successful 2023.

Of course, whether those things are game-changers really depends connected really you’re utilizing nan SEO plugin. Personally, I conscionable usage my SEO plugin to instrumentality immoderate basal on-page worldly and past group nan SEO titles and meta descriptions for my posts. I don’t request a redirect head aliases aggregate keyword analysis, aliases thing for illustration that.

If you’re for illustration me, there’s beautiful overmuch zero quality betwixt nan 2 plugins. Sure, Rank Math has much features, but those features don’t matter if you’re not going to usage them.

And Yoast SEO does person 1 point going for it – longevity. I don’t deliberation there’s immoderate consequence of Rank Math going away, but immoderate group do for illustration to spell pinch nan “established” option, which is decidedly Yoast SEO.

So – I conjecture my last thoughts could beryllium summarized for illustration this:

  • If you want nan astir features and nan astir value, Rank Math is nan beautiful clear victor successful 2023.
  • If you conscionable want a instrumentality to group SEO titles and descriptions, either will beryllium fine, truthful immoderate group mightiness for illustration conscionable going pinch nan established sanction in Yoast SEO.

Personally, this is chiefly conscionable a consequence of inertia (I created my sites earlier Rank Math was released). If I were creating a caller WordPress tract successful 2023 and beyond, I would astir apt do it pinch Rank Math.

For immoderate different useful tools, cheque out our postulation of nan champion WordPress SEO tools.

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