Create Your Own Elementor WooCommerce Shop Page in 5 Minutes

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In nan online world, you tin go a shop proprietor successful nary time. All you request to commencement is an Internet connection, a laptop, and a lucrative business idea. You don’t moreover request to person a tangible merchandise – you tin waste ideas! Jokes speech – you tin group up an astonishing webshop beautiful easy moreover if you person nary method knowledge whatsoever. You tin commencement by picking a quality WooCommerce theme arsenic niche-specific themes typically see tons of applicable and useful features that your shop is going to need, and past proceed to group up a business plan!

Create Your Own Elementor WooCommerce Shop Page in 5 Minutes

There are galore awesome elements that you tin usage to make your webshop much successful, and having a bespoke Elementor WooCommerce shop page is essential.

In this article, we will show you really to create your own, beautiful Elementor WooCommerce shop page effortlessly. Stay tuned to publication much about:

We cognize very good that creating a webshop includes circumstantial elements that are basal for nan personification to person each nan applicable accusation astir nan product. Every shop will person pages that coming a merchandise aliases group of products successful a definite way, and these well-designed pages lead you a measurement person to a successful webshop. Other pages that are important for nan shop are those pinch accusation astir delivery, payment, nan company, cart pages, and nan like.

Here we will woody pinch pages that display lists of products disposable successful nan shop and we will thief you create them conscionable for illustration a professional.

Elementor WooCommerce Shop page is an archive page wherever each nan products of 1 shop are displayed. You tin easy create this page pinch nan WooCommerce plugin. After you person added products to your site, you request to unfastened nan page without immoderate contented connected it, and successful nan WooCommerce settings bespeak that nan page is your Shop page.

WooCommerce Shop page

What person we sewage this way? We person informed WooCommerce that we person dedicated this page to nan archive page for each products and WooCommerce will show them accordingly. As for nan styling of nan merchandise connected that page, it mostly depends connected nan taxable you choose. If nan taxable is suitable for stores, you tin expect it to look bully correct distant and possibly person immoderate filters. But, successful lawsuit it doesn’t location are ways to edit nan WooCommerce shop page pinch free Elementor.

But what if not everything is cleanable and what if thing needs to beryllium fixed? This creates a problem for those who do not cognize really to edit nan codification itself. Of course, we person a solution. If for immoderate logic you deliberation nan default page seems inappropriate below, we’ll show you really to customize it.

Using Qi Addons Widgets for Your WooCommerce Shop Page

Qi shop widgets arsenic a portion of a Qi Addons for Elementor are stylish widgets that blend perfectly pinch nan style of your website, arsenic they set to nan taxable that you usage by default. But, they besides connection plenty of customization options truthful you tin style them further arsenic per your wish.

To create nan desired shop page you need:

  • To participate nan desired products (of people their categories and tags if necessary)
  • To you person nan free Elementor page builder installed
  • To person Qi Addons for Elementor installed (we’ll show you what you tin do for free and what you tin get pinch premium widgets).

Now, let’s explicate this. Of course, you can’t make a shop page without a product, truthful that’s nan first step. As for Qi Addons, we take it for respective reasons. The first is that it has a widget for creating merchandise lists, and nan 2nd is that it besides offers galore different useful widgets that you tin usage connected your site.

We will create a caller page first. Mine will beryllium called a Custom shop page conscionable for example, but you tin simply telephone it a Shop.

It is added for illustration immoderate other. I participate nan page name, prevention it and spell to Edit pinch Elementor. Of course, depending connected nan theme, earlier you move to Elementor from nan Block editor, you tin make basal settings for nan page itself. In nan example, I usage nan Qi Wordpress theme, which is often my prime because it contains a ample number of settings for various parts of nan site, which intends a batch to maine because I do not person to alteration nan codification and I person galore options for styling various parts of nan site.

Add caller shop page

When you participate nan Elementor, nan first point to do is to find merchandise widgets by typing ‘search’ successful nan hunt field. You will admit Qi widgets by their inherent reddish icons.

Perhaps nan astir important to america is nan Product List, which allows america to display a database of products – each aliases products selected based connected fixed criteria. This is simply a free widget.

And let’s not hide nan others. Product Category List serves to show nan categories of our shop, it is besides free. Product Slider widget offers an absorbing measurement to show products utilizing sliders, it is besides free. Product Comparison helps america to show selected products and comparison their features – this is simply a premium widget. In lawsuit you usage nan Qi taxable you will besides person Product List Essentials which offers a measurement for displaying merchandise lists of definite taxable demos truthful we will not attraction connected it.

Product widgets

As I said Product List is nan astir important widget for maine and I americium adding it to nan page.

Product database widget

As you already know, erstwhile you adhd widgets connected nan page, you’ll find its settings connected nan left, and connected nan right, you tin spot unrecorded really nan widget will look connected your page.

The General and Style tabs are linked to nan widget itself while nan Advanced tab is successful nan Elementor’s tab settings and is already acquainted to you if you person ever added a widget to a page. In immoderate case, Elementor is truthful easy to usage that you will not request typical explanations, particularly for this widget wherever everything is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Why do we for illustration nan Qi Addons widget? Because we tin determine for ourselves really galore columns we want nan database to have, we tin manage nan abstraction betwixt items ourselves. We tin determine nan size of nan images, we tin choose really galore products will beryllium connected our page, whether we will use pagination, and what kind, if we person much than 1 merchandise page. Qi goes into item moreover pinch font choices and hover settings

There are aggregate layouts for lists. We tin besides display only products of a definite category, tag, writer and different show criteria are available. With Qi, adding widgets often turns into a joyous, imaginative process and we are judge you will beryllium funny to research nan abundance of nan options it comes pinch connected your own.

At first glimpse astatine nan Style tab, you will beryllium amazed astatine really elaborate nan settings are. You will spot that nan stylization is divided into categories making it easier to navigate.

Product database style options

Other widgets are utilized successful beautiful overmuch nan aforesaid way. Feel free to play, and research arsenic each nan changes you make will beryllium visible successful existent clip and you tin easy undo immoderate move.

You tin ever look for inspiration connected nan landing page of nan widget pinch nan writer if you are wondering really to style your list, but again, play.

Product examples

A awesome summation to your shop page tin besides beryllium nan Slider widget. It tin make nan page look much move and interactive, an constituent that is moving ever attracts nan user’s attention, particularly erstwhile he tin interact pinch it.

Slider products

The operation of nan Product database widget and nan Product Slider widget tin beryllium very interesting.

Also, different widget that I for illustration to usage connected nan shop page and connected others is nan Product Category List. It serves to show definite categories successful an absorbing measurement and thief users scope a group of products that liking them.

Category list

Product comparison widget is besides very interesting, and useful particularly since nan shoppers nowadays for illustration to make informed decisions astir shopping and emotion to comparison products to make judge they are making nan champion choice. Adding WooCommerce merchandise comparison is besides very easy and tin beryllium done without immoderate typical method aliases coding knowledge.


As you tin see, creating Elementor WooCommerce shop page is nary rocket subject and you tin do it each by yourself. You tin besides easy study really to edit WooCommerce shop page too, and set it to fresh your needs perfectly. Should you person immoderate questions related to nan taxable of this article, consciousness free to scope retired to america successful nan remark section. We look guardant to proceeding astir your experiences pinch Qi Addons for Elementor!

We dream this article was helpful. If you liked it, consciousness free to cheque retired immoderate of these articles arsenic well!

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