Differences Between WordPress Site Editor vs Page Builders

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Differences Between WordPress Site Editor vs Page Builders

If you’re looking to build aliases grow your website, you mightiness person heard astir page builders. These supply a accelerated measurement to creation your pages. However, nan WordPress Site Editor useful successful a akin way, truthful you mightiness beryllium wondering which instrumentality to use.

By looking astatine nan cardinal differences betwixt nan Site Editor and page-building plugins, you should beryllium capable to prime nan correct action for your needs. For instance, page builders springiness you much power complete your website, but nan Site Editor is simply a small easier to use.

In this post, we’ll return a person look astatine nan WordPress Site Editor and page builders. Then, we’ll spot really these devices stack up against each different crossed 3 cardinal areas. Let’s get started!

An Introduction to nan WordPress Site Editor

WordPress comes pinch nan Block Editor (also known arsenic Gutenberg) arsenic nan default builder for pages and posts. It lets you create contented pinch blocks. For example, you tin adhd images, text, buttons, galleries, and more.

However, WordPress 6.1 introduced a caller builder (currently still successful beta), which useful likewise to Gutenberg: 

WordPress Site Editor

With the WordPress Site Editor, you can build your entire website using blocks. This includes areas of your tract that are usually wished by your theme, for illustration headers, footers, and 404 pages. The editor is very user-friendly and you don’t request to usage codification aliases edit your tract files to creation your pages.

It’s important to statement that to usage nan Site Editor, you’ll request to person a block theme activated connected your site. For example, UniBlock is a versatile block-based theme, packed pinch useful patterns and features:

UniBlock is a versatile block-based theme

Introduction to WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Page builders are an replacement to nan Gutenberg editor. They’re created by developers and usability as WordPress plugins that you tin instal connected your site. You tin find some free and premium options.

Page builder plugins are a awesome action for complete beginners. They alteration you to build your landing pages with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor: 

WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Some page builders provide additional perks. For instance, Beaver Builder offers a whole host of add-ons and advanced modules. Meanwhile,Elementor comes pinch a taxable builder to thief you build civilization layouts.

Differences Between WordPress Site Editor vs Page Builders

Now that you cognize a spot much astir nan Site Editor and page builder plugins, let’s return a look astatine 3 cardinal differences betwixt these options.

1. Ease of Use

The Site Editor is an perfect solution for WordPress beginners. It enables you to execute tasks that mightiness usually require master thief aliases method experience.

For example, you can edit your header aliases footer without rubbing nan codification successful your website files:

WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Additionally, the changes you make with the Site Editor are immediately visible. This can make page building much more efficient and user-friendly. 

Page builders are also easy to use. With these tools, you’ll structure your page using columns and rows. Then, you can fill these content areas with elements like videos, images, and text:

WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2023

However, page builders can be a little overwhelming. They usually come with a large selection of options and settings, so it can take a while to master them. Meanwhile, the Site Editor is much simpler to use, especially if you’re already familiar with the Block Editor.

2. Built-in Blocks

One of the major advantages of the Site Editor is its variety of block types. For example, you’ll find dynamic blocks for the site logo, menu, site tagline, and more:

Built-in Blocks examples

These dynamic blocks will change according to updates made in other places on your site, like your general WordPress settings. What’s more, you can save global styles to speed up your workflow. 

Page builders also provide blocks (usually called modules or widgets). However, the free versions are fairly limited, and you may only be able to access basic features like buttons, social icons, and lists:

Page builders also provide blocks

If you need more features, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. This will give you access to more advanced options like WooCommerce modules and marketing integrations. 


With the Site Editor, you can customize page layouts in the same way that you would edit your posts. For example, you can move elements around, change the design of your modules, and add or remove sections easily. 

This feature extends to template parts like headers and footers, as well as entire templates like 404 pages, archive pages, and single posts:

With the Site Editor, you can customize page layouts in the same way

Better yet, you can do all of this from one place. Meanwhile, you can export templates and use them on other sites.

With page builders, you can either design your pages from scratch or use pre-designed templates. For example, you can find ready-made contact pages or blog pages:

Page builder templatesMost page builders only supply templates for a fewer pages pinch their free plans. If you want to create civilization 404 pages, archives, and more, you’ll request to upgrade to nan premium version.


Given nan assortment of web-building devices available, it tin beryllium difficult to take nan correct 1 for your site. However, erstwhile you found nan cardinal differences betwixt your options, you tin make a much informed decision. 

For instance, nan WordPress Site Editor tin beryllium easier to master, while page builders alteration you to make much precocious customizations. Additionally, astir page builders connection a broader scope of ready-made templates than nan Site Editor. However, you’ll apt request to acquisition a premium scheme to entree these features, while nan Site Editor is wholly free.

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