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Online learning has been connected a stratospheric emergence for nan past 2 decades. It’s not difficult to understand why. It provides a convenient, elastic learning mounting for group of each ages and financial and acquisition backgrounds.

According to nan Pew Research study successful nan United States, astir one-in-four assemblage graduates person taken a people online for world credit. Among caller assemblage graduates, that number rises to 46%. When it comes to professionals, a penchant for online learning is moreover much visible. The trading level HubSpot reported that 75% of professionals favour learning caller skills via online training videos.

Education WordPress Themes | Online Course WP Template

Creating an online people website tin beryllium a awesome move for immoderate schoolhouse aliases organization. This benignant of website has to beryllium easy to navigate and use. Luckily, you don’t person to walk months building it arsenic location are thousands of astonishing WordPress themes to take from. Using 1 of these online people WordPress themes, your integer schoolroom will beryllium up and moving successful a time aliases two!

1. LearnWell – Education and Online Courses Theme

LearnWell WordPress Theme

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LearnWell is simply a wonderfully designed, feature-rich acquisition taxable suitable for schools and universities, e-learning platforms and courses, but besides for individual educators and tutors. Thanks to bbPress and Events Calendar compatibility, this taxable makes it easy to schedule and negociate courses and individual lessons, and besides to group up bulletin boards and forums for your students. The afloat integrated LMS module includes each nan features and functionalities an online people website could need.

With LearnWell, you tin group up course lists, tables and categories, instructors lists, show your people prices successful a move and engaging pricing slider, adhd countdowns, counters and process infographics, and overmuch more.

LearnWell comes pinch 8 chopped homepage demos, including a circumstantial demo for an art school, euphony schoolhouse and cooking school, truthful if your courses fresh these niches, past this is nan cleanable taxable for you. If you’re looking for a wide e-learning theme, again, this could beryllium conscionable nan point you need, too.

Features that make LearnWell nan champion online people WordPress theme:

  • Full LMS module
  • Premium images included
  • Split Slider
  • Horizontal Course List
  • Fully customizable

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2. CoachFocus – Coaching and Online Courses Theme

CoachFocus WordPress Theme

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Starting a coaching profession mightiness beryllium a awesome adjacent measurement successful your individual and business journey. Thanks to CoachFocus, a coaching and online courses WordPress theme, you tin person an awesome website to spell pinch that caller breathtaking step. Packed pinch features and options this type of website will need, including a learning guidance strategy and moreover a podcast module pinch episodes and seasons, CoachFocus will alteration you to commencement sharing your expertise successful nary time.

Features that make CoachFocus nan champion online people WordPress theme:

  • bbPress compatibility
  • 9 predesigned homepages
  • One-click demo import
  • Custom shortcodes
  • Custom station formats

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3. Emeritus – Education and Online Courses Theme

Emeritus WordPress Theme

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Emeritus is different astonishing taxable for online courses, acquisition institutions and e-learning platforms. Packed pinch tons of options, this taxable covers everything you will ever request to build and tally a master acquisition platform. This modern taxable integrates galore people layouts truthful you tin showcase each people successful detail. Add nan people category, instructor’s sanction aliases users’ reappraisal aliases picture your people successful detail.

Also, you tin specify nan number of lessons, quizzes aliases people long to supply further info. Apart from this, location is simply a applicable Teacher floor plan layout wherever you tin present each of your instructors by sharing applicable profession and acquisition accomplishments. Also, you tin show each nan courses led by that peculiar teacher.

Emeritus offers an intuitive learning guidance strategy truthful joining nan people and going done it will beryllium a existent joy. This taxable is equipped pinch forum and arena features, truthful your students tin talk immoderate topics pinch their peers aliases subordinate an online arena pinch 1 click.

Features that make Emeritus nan champion online people WordPress theme:

  • Learning Management System
  • Events Calendar
  • Forum & Blog features
  • Courses list
  • Teacher profile

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4. iAcademy – Education Theme for Online Learning

iAcademy WordPress Themes

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iAcademy WordPress theme is nan champion of choices connected this list. With its simple, super-customizable design, it is wholly geared towards online learning activities, packing a rich | database of exceptional features.

iAcademy boasts 12 homepages you tin usage to showcase a azygous course, tutors, your successful way record, aliases a assortment of disposable classes. There are plenty of awesome shortcodes to thief you show your story – from soul pages designed to coming your school unit to infographic elements specified arsenic advancement bars, pastry charts, testimonials, and customer lists.

You tin categorize and coming courses successful neat layouts and elaborate single-course pages. Just for illustration pinch different themes connected this list, you tin effortlessly enrich your lectures utilizing images, video content, and quizzes.

Here’s different awesome characteristic of this online people WordPress taxable – forums and bulleting boards. iAcademy is afloat compatible pinch nan free bbPress plugin, allowing students and teachers to inquire and reply questions and speech important information.

Features that make iAcademy nan champion online people WordPress theme:

  • Enable Login via Facebook and Google+
  • Highly Customizable Title Area
  • Mikado Search – Optional Functionality
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Child Theme Included

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5. Educator – Education Theme for University & School

Educator WordPress Theme

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Educator is different versatile prime connected this database and packs 9 homepage layouts. You tin usage immoderate of them, but if you want an instant solution for an online people site, you tin spell pinch Online Courses aliases Language School layout. Similarly to Academist, this WordPress taxable allows your visitors to hunt for courses correct connected nan homepage aliases take from featured picks (for example, astir celebrated courses).

This online people WordPress taxable is simply a awesome solution if you connection unrecorded courses, classes, and seminars. Thanks to its compatibility pinch the Events Calendar plugin, you tin show your people schedules successful a neatly organized calendar. On apical of that, Educator is packed pinch awesome shortcodes, allowing you to coming your courses and teachers utilizing tables and sliders.

With Educator, you tin besides create a blog. You tin usage it for various tutorials, excerpts from nan astir absorbing lessons, interviews pinch nan unit aliases immoderate benignant of contented that whitethorn prosecute your target assemblage and thief you pull much students.

Features that make Educator nan champion online people WordPress theme:

  • Create Quizzes
  • Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress Plugin included ($26 value)
  • 2 Header Types
  • Parallax Images successful Sections
  • 6 Icon Font Packs

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6. Turitor – LMS & Education WordPress Theme

Turitor WP Theme

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Turitor is different awesome illustration of an online courses taxable that tin beryllium utilized for immoderate benignant of acquisition website. The taxable is packed pinch tons of ready-made layouts suitable for universities, connection schools, kindergartens, acquisition institutions and more. It’s packed pinch 30+ soul pages, 9 homepages and versatile blog and people layouts. This means you tin present your instructors, stock nan specifications astir each people aliases people and let group to enroll pinch 1 azygous click.

Turitor integrates pinch LearnPress, LearnDash and Tutor LMS plugin, which boost nan taxable into a complete Learning Management System (LMS). With this theme, you tin easy create courses, lessons, quizzes and forums truthful your students tin person an astonishing learning experience. The taxable offers an easy-to-use Elementor page builder and integrates pinch nan WooCommerce plugin truthful you tin customize each constituent pinch easiness and waste your products online.

Features that make Turitor nan champion online people WordPress theme:

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7. BuddyBoss for Online Courses

BuddyBoss for Online Courses

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Out of nan galore WordPress themes for online courses retired there, this 1 decidedly caught our eye. Packed pinch each nan essential, meticulously created features for trading courses online, BuddyBoss is nan only website toolbox you whitethorn need. Firstly, nan taxable integrates pinch nan starring Learning Management System for WordPress – LearnDash and integrates a plethora of powerful organization features ready-made to toggle shape nan learning process. This intends you tin not only alteration your students to link nether your marque but stitchery valuable feedback arsenic well.

Beautiful creation and functions, travel together pinch BuddyBoss, specified arsenic aggregate personnel types, built-in group types, forum discussions, and galore different organization features. All these will further lend to your students’ learning experience. For example, you tin inspire and prosecute your assemblage by offering a gamified learning process based connected collecting points, badges aliases rewards.

Apart from this, BuddyBoss features cutting-edge page builders, Gutenberg and Elementor, which will thief you build immoderate type of trading and contented pages pinch complete ease. Moreover, you tin create your courses effortlessly utilizing nan LearnDash 3.0 Gutenberg interface. What is besides awesome astir this taxable is its full-compatibility pinch WooCommerce – nan number 1 eCommerce plugin connected nan market. Customize each shop constituent pinch BuddyBoss’ built-in styling and waste your online courses, memberships aliases lessons, effortlessly.

Made to thief you enactment up of nan game, BuddyBoss offers you nan expertise to create a mobile app for your learners utilizing their AppBoss autochthonal mobile app service. With AppBoss, your learners tin return their courses connected nan spell astatine immoderate time.

With truthful galore astonishing elements and features that BuddyBoss possesses, it’s intolerable to database them successful conscionable a fewer paragraphs. So effort it retired for yourself and spot what other this taxable has successful shop for your acquisition business!

Features that make BuddyBoss nan champion WordPress taxable for online courses:

  • LearnDash Plugin
  • Compatibility pinch WooCommerce
  • AppBoss Native Mobile App Service
  • Numerous Community Features

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8. DotLife – Coach Online Courses WordPress

DotLife WordPress Theme

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DotLife is simply a WordPress taxable built specifically for coaches, speakers, and mentors, and it really shows. If you take to usage it connected your website, you get entree to features that see a learning guidance system, a assortment of layouts that see portfolio layouts, arsenic good arsenic a afloat customizable page design. Whether you’re looking for a ready-made action aliases a taxable you tin make your own, DotLife is simply a coagulated choice.

Features that make DotLife nan champion WordPress taxable for online courses:

  • 7 homepage designs
  • Course management
  • 44+ page templates
  • Responsive design
  • Blog and shop functionalities

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9. Academist – Education & Learning Management System Theme

Academist WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Academist is simply a modern, versatile WordPress taxable that allows you to create various types of acquisition websites. It is simply a great fresh for schools, colleges, instructors, backstage tutors, and moreover pre-schools. Thanks to its well-developed learning guidance system, Academist besides doubles up arsenic a cleanable online people WordPress theme.

There are nine homepages to take from, pinch 2 geared towards online courses specifically. However, if you opt for a different homepage, you tin easy harvester it pinch soul pages from different demos and create an wholly caller website.

Now let’s look into Academist’s features. The online people demo features a hunt barroom connected nan homepage, allowing visitors to look for circumstantial courses based connected nan category, prices, and instructors. You tin shape some free and paid courses database into a neat assemblage and adhd info-on-hover effect for immoderate dynamics. Single people pages tin supply visitors pinch reviews and much elaborate accusation astir nan curriculum, price, and long of nan course.

This online people WordPress taxable comes pinch subscription plans and classical shop layouts, truthful you tin waste learning materials and books. Visitors tin register, negociate their accounts and way people progress.

Features that make TopFit nan champion WordPress sports theme:

  • Compatible pinch The Events Calendar Plugin
  • Compatible pinch bbPress Plugin
  • Learning Management System Module
  • Multiple Logo Versions
  • Translation Ready

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10. Studiare – Education WordPress Theme for University & Online Courses

Studiare WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Studiare is each successful 1 solution for acquisition websites. Whether you tally a backstage school, aliases you activity arsenic a professor astatine nan university, this taxable tin meet your needs and easiness your connection pinch students. Not only does it look great, but besides it offers each valuable features for teachers, instructors, business experts aliases anyone other who wants to share knowledge successful a shape of an online course. Packed pinch galore people layouts, this taxable allows you to item free and paid courses. Also, your students tin complaint courses truthful group tin get a first-hand penetration astir each people and its organization.

The theme supports bbPress plugin, 1 of nan best-known organization plugins connected nan market. In different words, you will beryllium capable to create courses, forums, quizzes and everything other that makes a professional, interactive online classroom. This online people WordPress taxable supports each awesome costs gateway add-ons, truthful attaching a shop of subscription plans to your tract will beryllium super-easy.

Features that make Studiare nan champion online people WordPress theme:

  • Offer free and paid courses
  • Course rating
  • bbPress support
  • Different Course Layouts

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11. Reptro – Online Course WordPress Theme

Reptro WordPress Theme

Download / More Info Demo

Reptro is simply a sleek and modern WordPress taxable that will thief you build a well-designed, applicable website for your integer classroom.

This online people WordPress taxable offers 4 homepages and an action to choose betwixt boxed and full-width website layout. Courses tin beryllium displayed successful a grid, pinch slider, aliases you tin incorporated consequence filters.

Reptro allows you to create, negociate and waste online courses afloat equipped pinch curriculums, lessons, and quizzes. One super-useful characteristic successful this taxable is simply a mobility bank. This is simply a database of questions that are randomly displayed during quizzes, making judge your trial scores genuinely bespeak nan student’s knowledge.

This online people WordPress taxable supports each awesome costs gateway add-ons, truthful attaching a shop of subscription plans to your tract will beryllium super-easy.

Features that make Reptro nan champion online people WordPress theme:

  • WooCommerce Support Added
  • RTL Supported
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder – Elementor
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly

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All of these themes are afloat compatible pinch nan WPML plugin that allows you to easy build multilingual online people websites. They besides support RTL languages, truthful you tin genuinely dispersed nan knowledge each astir nan world.

With these online people WordPress themes, you ever person a prime – you tin seamlessly customize them by combining different homepages and soul pages, aliases you tin simply import ready-to-go demo layouts and capable them pinch your lessons and info. If you want to create a much robust acquisition website, don’t spell until you cheque retired immoderate other options you tin find connected this database of acquisition WordPress themes.

We dream this article was helpful. If you liked it, consciousness free to cheque retired immoderate of these articles arsenic well!

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