How To Use HTML Fonts | HTML Tutorial

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If there’s 1 point that tin make aliases break a website’s design, it’s HTML fonts. Choosing nan correct font is captious for success, and it’s not conscionable an artistic prime because picking 1 that is difficult to publication tin scare visitors away.

As such, nan font needs to beryllium easy to ready, decently sized, and beryllium a colour that does not blend successful pinch nan background. While this whitethorn sound for illustration nan basics, truthful galore websites still don’t get it right, and likelihood are you person astir apt tally into a website aliases 2 that is difficult to read.

Today, I will beryllium covering everything you request to cognize astir HTML fonts successful WordPress.

How To Use HTML Fonts | HTML Tutorial

What Are HTML Fonts?

An HTML font, aliases web font, is nan style of matter displayed connected websites, which is written successful CSS. In astir cases, nan level you create your website connected will only person a constricted action of fonts to take from, but successful reality, location are hundreds available.

However, utilizing them comes pinch a beautiful large trade-off. They whitethorn not beryllium stored connected nan servers you pass with.

Or successful different words, your page whitethorn return longer to load if you are utilizing an different font because nan server and web browsers must find nan font you are utilizing and past instal it earlier nan page tin load.

This is why astir websites really usage a very akin font.

Another facet of HTML fonts is their expertise to accommodate to different surface sizes. Or successful different words, responsiveness.

It’s besides important to mention that each font is customizable successful position of its size and nan colour you choose. There are besides different modular customizations for illustration bold and italics that you tin apply. These options are disposable for astir each font.

How Do I Change Fonts successful WordPress?

The fonts you person astatine your disposal are limited connected nan taxable you are using. Each taxable will typically connection respective modular fonts you tin take from. That said, for illustration astir things successful WordPress, you tin adhd much pinch plugins.

Let’s return a look astatine really to take a font successful WordPress.

Method 1: Theme Customizer

Before WordPress 5.9, virtually each themes wrong WordPress allowed you to alteration font done nan taxable customizer. This allows you to alteration nan font successful immoderate area connected your website. And it’s really easy to do.

The only problem is that immoderate wordpress themes do not person nan aforesaid options available. Thus, if you don’t spot a typography option, skip to method 2.

On nan WordPress admin panel, click connected nan Appearance and prime nan Customize option.

As I said before, this is different for each theme. Sometimes nan typography action will look successful nan top-level options. Other times it is buried successful different location.

In my case, I americium utilizing nan Astra theme. I first request to click connected Global earlier I tin prime nan typography option.

The options disposable are theme-dependent, but you will typically person options to alteration spacing, margins, font size, and more. You tin usage nan font selector to prime from nan defaults your taxable offers. Some connection much than others.

Select Font

You tin spot what nan font looks for illustration successful nan areas it changes. Sometimes they are world options, and sometimes they are for circumstantial sections.

Method 2: Code

Not each themes connection typography arsenic an option, instead, you request to really codification nan fonts into nan stylesheet. The bully news is that this sounds measurement harder than it really is.

Go into nan backend of your website and find your theme’s CSS stylesheet. To usage 1 font passim your website, adhd nan pursuing statement of codification to nan apical of nan sheet:

* {font-family:”Name of font”}

You must switch nan “name of font” pinch nan existent sanction of nan font (like Arial). Save nan changes and that is your caller font. The font must beryllium a modular HTML font, otherwise, you request to download nan font to usage it.

In those cases, you tin sometimes embed a statement of codification successful your header area. A awesome illustration of this is Google fonts.

Method 3: Site Editor (WordPress 5.9)

The Site Editor is simply a caller summation to WordPress arsenic of nan latest update 5.9. It is not disposable connected astir themes, and nan ones it is are still successful beta. However, going forward, this will slow but surely switch nan taxable customizer.

In nan coming months, themes will exclusively merchandise pinch this editor and existing themes will adhd it arsenic a replacement aliases successful conjunction pinch nan taxable customizer from method 1.

TL;DR: The tract editor is present to enactment and allows you to make changes to your full tract astatine once. And yes, this includes typography options.

Click connected Appearance and prime nan Editor option.

The first point you should spot is nan Typography action connected nan right-hand side. Click connected it.


You’ll past beryllium asked to take betwixt Text and Links. Links mention to hyperlinks you create, while matter refers to everything else. Select nan Text option.

Select Text

Use nan Font Family drop-down container to prime which font to use. Similar to before, nan options astatine your disposal are theme-dependent.

Choose Font

And that’s it. This editor will surely beryllium expanded upon successful early updates, truthful location will decidedly beryllium much options to return advantage of successful nan future.

What About Plugins?

WordPress has a immense action of plugins that you tin usage to adhd civilization fonts, but civilization fonts do not mention to nan modular HTML fonts. These are unsocial fonts that you tin entree for free.

Now, this whitethorn sound inviting, but for nan astir part, location is simply a immense problem utilizing these fonts. They slow down your website.

I mentioned this earlier, but for a page to load, nan web browser nan visitant is utilizing must download that font from nan server it is stored. This is an other measurement and nan much civilization fonts you use, nan longer it will take.

This is simply a large logic why HTML fonts are wide used. They are modular and tin beryllium recovered anywhere. And it’s besides why astir sites settee connected a azygous font. The much you adhd nan longer it takes to load.

The bully news is that Google has been moving connected expanding nan font action you person disposable pinch Google Fonts.

What Are Google Fonts?

Google Fonts are civilization fonts disposable straight from Google. And they connection complete 1000 fonts to take from. Most importantly, they debar nan problems that civilization fonts tally into because they are stored straight connected Google servers.

It past delivers nan font to each users successful nan astir optimal measurement possible. The extremity consequence is that your website will load faster than different utilizing a third-party file.

Since Google Fonts are not nan attraction of this guide, I’ll time off it astatine that, but if you are willing we already person a guideline on how to big them locally successful WordPress.

Tips to Make Your HTML Font Legible

One of nan biggest problems beginners look is legibility. Half of nan time, they don’t moreover recognize it is simply a problem. If visitors cannot publication your content, they won’t beryllium coming backmost for more. And they will beryllium little apt to stock it.

Let’s return a look astatine nan awesome considerations each websites should make erstwhile selecting their font.

1. Don’t Use A Cursive Style

There are a ton of fonts you tin take from, and galore beryllium that usage cursive arsenic nan style down them. While it tin beryllium a bully fresh for immoderate websites, for illustration those that attraction connected history, it’s not nan top prime for accessibility.

First, it’s important to reside nan awesome flaw of this creation choice, a batch of group cannot publication cursive.

In fact, successful America, galore schools person really removed cursive classes, frankincense that group will only turn successful size. And likelihood are, it won’t conscionable beryllium Americans that position your website.

Individuals who study English arsenic a 2nd connection besides struggle to publication cursive.

You mightiness deliberation it is stylish, but I tin guarantee you, it will move galore distant from nan content.

2. Choose The Right Color

One of nan biggest mistakes that beginners make is changing nan colour of nan font. This tin easy make matter very difficult to spot for regular visitors, and intolerable for those pinch ocular impairments.

Most notably, you should support successful mind that colour blindness exists. In conscionable America, over 12 cardinal group person immoderate shape of colour blindness.

However, it’s not conscionable nan matter that you request to interest astir here, it’s besides nan inheritance color. For example, achromatic matter is simply a awesome prime for astir sites, but not connected a achromatic aliases dark-colored background. Instead, achromatic matter useful better.

Color is easy 1 of nan biggest factors that make web contented difficult to read.

3. Don’t Make nan Text Too Small

Now, I cognize what you’re thinking, group tin conscionable usage nan zoom usability to make nan matter readable right? While this is very true, really galore group are really going to return nan clip to set nan zoom levels? How galore group really cognize really to?

The truth is that if personification finds nan matter excessively small, they’re conscionable going to leave.

The recommended matter size to usage connected a blog is betwixt 16 and 20 px. It’s important to not conscionable see desktop users either arsenic mobile users are acold much susceptible to mini text. Again, moreover if it is easy to zoom in, astir won’t aliases don’t cognize it exists.

Properly sized matter is captious for success.


How Large is nan HTML Font Family?

While location are a batch of fonts to take from, nan existent HTML font family database only consists of 5 members:

  1. Serif
  2. Sans-serif
  3. Cursive
  4. Fantasy
  5. Monospace

The families denote a circumstantial style that each of nan fonts wrong follow, astatine slightest for nan astir part. There are a fewer outliers, but you tin expect nan cursive family to nutrient fonts that look, good cursive.

Within each font family, location are hundreds of fonts to take from and nan database grows each year. However, astir are not web-safe.

What Are Web Safe Fonts?

Web-safe fonts are nan astir utilized fonts connected nan internet. They are web-safe because each devices and browsers are accustomed to utilizing them.

The full number of web-safe fonts is difficult to determine, but location are astir 20 aliases so. The database is increasing owed to much websites opting for fonts pinch different styles.

As a result, much web browsers will natively support nan astir celebrated fonts, hence nan increasing list.

Here are immoderate of nan astir utilized fonts connected nan net and nan families they travel from:

  • Arial (sans-serif)
  • Times New Roman (serif)
  • Verdana (sans-serif)
  • Tahoma (sans-serif)
  • Trebuchet MS (sans-serif)
  • Impact (sans-serif)
  • Didot (serif)
  • Georgia (serif)
  • American Typewriter (serif)

Is A Typeface A Font?

By definition, a typeface is nan letters, numbers, and characters that each stock nan aforesaid design. Whereas nan font is nan circumstantial style that nan typeface will usage pinch a circumstantial width, size, and weight.

That whitethorn still beryllium confusing, truthful I’ll supply an example. Consider Times New Roman; it is simply a typeface by definition. However, erstwhile you springiness it a circumstantial size, opportunity 20px, and make it bold, it becomes a font.

The 2 are very akin and are often utilized interchangeably, but they’re not really nan aforesaid thing.

Is Bold A Font?

It’s rather communal to use BoldItalics, or Bold Italics to thief keywords aliases phrases guidelines out. However, Bold is not really a font.

Instead, it is simply a modifier for nan font itself. It tin dramatically thief your contented beryllium much readable, particularly arsenic much users statesman to conscionable skim pages to find a circumstantial building aliases term. And successful this regard, it is highly effective.

However, it is not a substitute for an existent header.

What’s nan Difference Between A Web Font and A Desktop Font?

A desktop font is installed connected your machine pinch nan volition of it being utilized wrong a circumstantial application. For example, ideate installing a font to usage successful Microsoft Word aliases successful Photoshop.

A web font is specifically made for websites and uses CSS to beryllium displayed connected web pages. Many fonts tin really beryllium arsenic some a web and desktop font, for illustration Times New Roman aliases Arial, but they are really very different from 1 different from a codification perspective.

Thus, nan statement betwixt them has go blurred complete time.

Should I Use nan HTML Font Tag?

I didn’t mention nan HTML Font tag because nan classical editor is acold down us. However, if you are still utilizing it, past you tin usage nan HTML editor to manipulate nan font. However, this is unnecessary arsenic nan ocular editor exists.

For those curious, nan font tag is “<font>” and you tin usage it to manipulate nan font connected a station aliases page. It is still utilized today, but that number is decreasing.

The HTML Fonts You Choose Really Matters

There’s nary denying that for astir websites, nan mostly of contented connected your website will beryllium successful nan shape of text. Or successful different words, utilize a font.

Therefore, nan font you take tin make aliases break your website. And it’s not conscionable nan style of it either. You request to make judge it is decently sized, is colored successful a measurement that makes it visible, and matches nan vibe of your website.

Many beginners conscionable prime a generic font for illustration Arial, which is really a smart prime since it is nan astir popular. But being selective astir it tin dramatically heighten nan acquisition you present to visitors.

What HTML fonts do you usage connected your website? Do you usage a web-safe font?

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