TOP Landing Page Templates for WordPress

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Landing pages merit each nan emotion and attraction you tin springiness them. These types of pages – not to beryllium confused pinch microsites – are workhorses, built pinch a purpose. The very basal thing to cognize astir landing pages is that they’re each astir nan business, each astir performance, and nan landing page creation choices you make should bespeak that.

TOP Landing Page Templates for WordPress

Don’t deliberation you person to reinvent nan instrumentality pinch each landing page you create, however. You should make judge they execute well, yes, but you don’t person to walk excessively overmuch clip designing them from scratch, particularly since location are plentifulness of ways to velocity up nan process. Using landing page templates to kickstart designing yours is 1 specified method.

In this article, we’ll look astatine immoderate of nan champion places online wherever you tin find immoderate awesome options for your website’s landing page design.

1. Envato Template Kits for Elementor

Envato Elements WordPress Template Kits

Any hunt for a WordPress landing page template must see a sojourn to Envato Elements. A immense marketplace of imaginative elements, Envato Element is simply a awesome spot to look for thing from banal video and video templates to euphony and sound effects. You’ll find plentifulness of WordPress template kits there, too, and person your prime of landing page templates.

If you’re a book author, aliases if you tally an online bookstore aliases publisher, you tin usage nan Novely Book Store Elementor template kit. It comes packed pinch 2 location pages and a abstracted landing page, successful summation to author, store, compare, and astir pages.

Shizuoka Travel Elementor template kit is nan benignant of template kit you’d usage for a recreation website, pinch a elemental and cleanable creation and nan page templates you’d need. The template kit has 2 options for nan location aliases landing page, arsenic good arsenic a blog, azygous post, and assemblage templates.

For agencies and different types of businesses, a awesome prime is nan Bilis Agency Landing Page Elementor artifact kit. Even though technically a artifact kit, it does person a pre-build template that features 10 different blocks. The kit offers a modern design, easy customization, arsenic good arsenic responsiveness.

Other celebrated landing page template categories are app and SaaS landing page templates. Appy is simply a awesome illustration – it has a full-page app landing template, together pinch leader sections, header sections, footer sections, and everything other you request to showcase your app and person group to download it.

Novely template

Shizuoka template

Bilis Landing Page Template

Appy Landing Page Template

2. Qi Theme for Elementor

Qi Premium WordPress theme

Download / More Info

Qi Theme is simply a freemium multipurpose WordPress taxable that intends to beryllium your go-to taxable for immoderate benignant of website you want to build. It does truthful by packing an unthinkable wealthiness of options and features into a streamlined, high-performance package. One of nan astir awesome things astir nan taxable is conscionable really galore different demos it lets you use, 150 pinch nan premium version, galore of which person wrong them a landing page.

Some of nan demos that person a landing page design, aliases astatine slightest a homepage creation you tin usage for a landing page, see nan Digital Agency, SEO Company, Product Presentation, and Coworking Space demos. You’ll besides find a landing page pinch nan Movie, Car Presentation, and Wedding Invitation demos.

Qi Theme minimal

Product Presentation Landing Page Template

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3. Elementor Template Kits

Elementor Template Kits

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When looking for landing page templates for Elementor, why not spell consecutive to nan root and rummage astir nan Elementor Kit Library a bit? You’ll find plentifulness of awesome kits pinch homepage templates you tin easy move into landing pages for each kinds of sites.

The 1 area wherever nan Kit Library really shines is successful providing festive-themed website kits. For example, if you want a template kit built specifically for Black Friday, you tin download the Black Friday website kit, and get a action of landing pages arsenic good arsenic popup and conception designs.

The Christmas website kit has everything you request for a holiday-themed, purpose-built site. It has 3 types of landing page templates, arsenic good arsenic a assortment of choices for popups and tract sections.

Finally, if you person a business that could usage Valentine’s Day to boost income aliases lead generation, you mightiness want to look into the Valentine’s Day website kit. You will get 2 landing pages to take from, arsenic good arsenic a mini group of sections, popular ups, and schematic assets.

Black Friday template

Christmas template

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4. Qi Templates for Gutenberg

Qi Templates For Gutenberg

Download / More Info Demo

For fans of nan Gutenberg artifact editor, it only takes a fewer bully templates to create an attention-grabbing website. Qi Templates for Gutenberg, putting hundreds of different elements astatine your disposal, allows you to build immoderate benignant of website you want. All you request is simply a block-based taxable and nan plugin, and you’re fresh to go.

As acold arsenic landing page templates are concerned – don’t worry, Qi Templates for Gutenberg has plentifulness of them. The easiest measurement you tin position them is done nan demos that incorporate them – 12 of nan 72 demos successful nan plugin person landing pages. You tin person a integer aliases tech agency, an app you want to show to nan world, a product, aliases a work – Qi Templates for Gutenberg will person a solution for you.

Qi imaginative agency theme

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WordPress users who person to create a batch of landing pages are astir apt already acquainted pinch Unbounce, a group of trading devices that see AI-powered landing page builders. With immoderate thief from Unbounce’s WordPress plugin, you excessively tin create loads of caller and absorbing landing pages successful Unbounce and put them to usage quickly and easy connected your WordPress website.

The champion portion of nan connection is that you don’t person to commencement from scratch. Let’s opportunity you person a ineligible business, and you request to create a blase landing page that shows that you’re a prestigious business. The Neueland template is simply a awesome prime for you – a agelong landing page that lets you showcase your service, ineligible team, and location and interaction info.

If your business exemplary includes booking appointments, for illustration if you supply consulting services, nan Multor template could beryllium well-suited to your needs. You’ll person room to see a video, item nan benefits of moving pinch you and supply immoderate accusation astir yourself.

In lawsuit you’re looking for a much bare-bones solution, thing for illustration nan Getting Started – Lead Generation template tin beryllium a bully choice. This is simply a template for a lead-capturing page that’s nary frills and to nan point, containing everything you request and not a azygous point else.

Multor template

Landing pages are awesome devices you tin usage successful a assortment of different ways for immoderate type of run you tin imagine. They are each astir simplicity and performance, but don’t fto that fool you – a bully landing page isn’t that easy to build. Luckily for everyone, location are galore places to spell and look for awesome landing page templates for WordPress to animate aliases conscionable supply a ready-to-use solution.

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