What is Benefits of Using WordPress Block Themes

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What is Benefits of Using WordPress Block Themes

If you usage WordPress, you’ve astir apt heard astir “block” themes. WordPress artifact themes disagree from their regular counterparts because they’re templates made of blocks. That characteristic makes them much easier to edit than classical themes, wherever you request to usage codification to alteration their layouts and designs.

There are a batch of further benefits to using artifact themes. Understanding these features will alteration you to take whether to instrumentality pinch your existent taxable aliases move to a artifact option. Spoiler: if you bask utilizing nan Block Editor, you’ll astir apt want to opt for nan latter.

In this article, we’re going to talk astir 5 benefits of utilizing WordPress artifact themes. Let’s commencement pinch nan biggest one, which is code-free editing!

1. Enjoy Code-Free Editing

If you’ve ever had to edit a taxable successful nan past, you’ll cognize that this process often involves digging into files utilizing File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and matter editors. You request to cognize precisely what each constituent of nan taxable does earlier making immoderate changes. Additionally, you’ll person to use kid themes to debar losing your customizations.

Block themes do distant pinch that messy attack by supporting what WordPress calls “Full-Site Editing”. This characteristic replaces nan taxable editor successful WordPress and lets you edit templates utilizing nan Block Editor:

Editing a taxable template successful WordPress

The editor enables you to create and modify page templates, arsenic good arsenic template “parts”. By parts, we mean elements specified arsenic taxable headers and footers. You tin customize them utilizing blocks and determine connected which pages each variety will display:

Editing template parts successful WordPress

Keep successful mind that you can’t adhd aliases region immoderate contented while editing taxable templates. The template editor only lets you modify your site’s layout. Therefore, you’ll still request to edit posts and pages to set immoderate content.

2. Get Access to Pre-Designed Block Patterns

WordPress patterns are artifact arrangements that you tin prevention and reuse connected different pages and posts. One advantage of utilizing artifact themes is they often see an array of ready-to-go patterns for your website:

WordPress taxable patterns

These patterns tin velocity up your creation process significantly. Instead of building everything from scratch, you’ll beryllium capable to insert patterns and customize them to fresh your needs.

It’s important to statement that you don’t request to usage a artifact taxable to entree patterns. You’re capable to create and prevention patterns pinch immoderate taxable that useful pinch nan Block Editor. However, accessing pre-built options retired of nan container tin make your activity overmuch much manageable.

3. Avoid Page Builder Bloat

Page builders are among nan astir celebrated and useful WordPress tools. Many page builders connection features that neither nan Classic nor nan Block Editor support. For a agelong time, these devices provided nan only replacement to editing taxable templates manually.

If you’ve been utilizing page builders because they alteration you to edit taxable templates and designs, artifact themes will let you to opportunity goodbye to them. This tin thief improve tract performance because galore page builders adhd a batch of “bloat” to nan page code.

Thanks to nan Block Editor and full-site editing, nan guidelines WordPress acquisition is now adjacent to what page builder plugins offer. Some of these devices supply further features, though, truthful your mileage tin vary.

4. Use Fewer Plugins

Page builders aren’t nan only types of plugins you tin debar by utilizing artifact themes. There’s thing incorrect pinch utilizing plugins per se (in fact, WordPress plugins are amazing), but it’s champion to instrumentality to only nan ones you really need.

Using too many plugins whitethorn slow down your website, some connected nan beforehand and nan backmost end, making it overmuch harder to update. Moreover, nan much plugins you use, nan much apt you’ll brushwood compatibility issues astatine immoderate point.

Without artifact themes aliases full-site editing, you whitethorn request to trust connected plugins to customize nan header and footer and configure different versions of these elements for each page. Even page builders specified arsenic Elementor require you to usage additional plugins to edit these templates:

Header and footer plugins successful WordPress

Anything that enables you to trim nan number of plugins connected your website without losing retired connected cardinal functionality is simply a win. Block themes meet that criteria.

5. Future-Proof Your Website

Right now, artifact themes are still comparatively caller to nan WordPress ecosystem. There are plentifulness of options to take from, but nan immense mostly of nan available WordPress themes are not block-enabled:

WordPress artifact themes

Even though artifact themes are caller connected nan scene, that doesn’t mean you should debar utilizing them. Most caller themes will apt trust connected artifact templates successful nan coming years, and full-site editing will go overmuch much commonplace.

That intends you’ll get entree to caller features and devices that will alteration you to customize our tract and themes without relying excessively overmuch connected plugins. The earlier you move to artifact themes, nan much fresh you’ll beryllium erstwhile these caller features rotation retired successful nan future.


When nan Block Editor launched successful 2018, galore users thought it was a gimmick. Blocks person travel a agelong measurement since then, and they’ve go an integral portion of nan WordPress experience. Using WordPress now feels arsenic intuitive arsenic immoderate modern page builder tool, and artifact themes are portion of that evolution.

As early adopters of nan artifact editor, we besides wanted to get acquainted pinch nan caller Site Editor. This resulted successful two caller Block Themes being added to our collection: UniBlock and EduBlock.

WordPress Block Themes by WPZOOM

Our caller Block Themes are disposable successful some free and premium versions. The free versions tin beryllium downloaded from nan charismatic theme repository.

If you’re still connected nan obstruction astir switching to a artifact theme, let’s recap nan main benefits of making that change:

  1. Enjoy code-free editing.
  2. Get entree to pre-designed artifact patterns.
  3. Avoid page builder bloat.
  4. Use less plugins.
  5. Future-proof your website.

Do you person immoderate questions astir WordPress artifact themes? 

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